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  • chase1389 chase1389 Oct 13, 2012 7:46 AM Flag

    The whale has filed the 13g, he usually buys more

    get ready to short Kevin Douglas's 2.3 million share portfolio, Tuna. LOL! chase

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    • XD keeps trying to get us to abandon RFI because, he says, its patent portfolio isn't protected. Joe has addressed this on numerous occasions. Who to believe? An anonymous basher who's sole purpose is to bring down a great technology for his own greedy purposes, or the CEO of RFI, who would subject himself to legal action in purposely lying to shareholders?

      Besides, the patents that will expire first deal with a technology that has been tweaked and vastly improved on numerous times with new patents that are protected years out. Starting off with the early basic patents, building production plants and getting OEMs to try a product in such an endeavor is ludicrous given the vastly superior SPD product of today.

      No other smart glass can do what SPD can. Period. Independent testing has confirmed that. But here's an interesting thought: If XD believes that someone will try to capitalize on RFI's expiring patents, he must believe that it is a viable technology. Better get that talking point cleared up with tunaturdo2.

      Folks, Xavier Ducats is a liar, pure and simple.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Slimey John forgets that Saxe and Joe have lied about everything since this fraud began. Saxe promised profits "in the next year." The year he made that promise was 1994 (I believe). That was before corporate executives were carted off to jail for stock fraud. Now the insiders let you do the lying for them.

        John asks the question who to believe XD, an anonymous poster (isn't he?) or Joe who would subject himself to something or other. Joe knows the wonders of "forward looking statements" and how to finesse them so the idiots who believed him at 20+ don't sue him at 4+.

        Regarding me and XD and every other negative poster; we have gotten it soooo right over the past ten years. You have gotten it so wrong over the last fifteen years. Huuummm? who to believe you ask.

        I think I would believe the ones who had it right all the way down to here.

        Regarding the patents; you have it wrong, John but whatever you say is all right with me. I will short as many shares as you own at the appropriate time (probably you own none except for the promise of a few if you can talk this up).

        Here is an over view of patents..listen carefully John, I'm giving you free advice. REFR has claimed hundreds of patents since they began the fraud. Most if not all of the patents can and would be disputed if there was any money to be made with this nonsense.Hence nbody has challenged them because they aren't worthy of even the shabbiest attorneys' fees.

        You can own a "portfolio of patents" yourself John. That doesn't mean they have any commercial value.

      • I guess everyone should go join a rah-rah board where no one calls #$%$ when they see #$%$.

        Who to believe? Someone who said that the SPD film coming from SPDI was excellent and selling better than expected? Someone who led investors to believe that there was a reasonable expectation of profits in 2003? Someone who said that the so-called Gen2 film from Hitachi was ready in 2004, after admitting that the Korean film was unsuitable? Has Joe ever said anything that is true?

        DuPont, GE, Glaverbel, Material Science (now Bekaert), St. Gobain, and many others could have been tweaking and improving SPD all along if they thought it had commercial potential. They dropped out, and never came back. The only new patents possibly worth anything belong to licensees such as Pilkington. It is reasonable to assume the only reason the few companies currently working with SPD deal with RFI because of subsidies. Those subsidies are revealed in repeated SEC filings that mention the cost of new licensees.

        So no, I don't believe that SPD is viable commercial technology, as evidenced by the fact that no
        company has ever bothered contesting or working around the patents. Joe can claim all he wants about how additional patents beyond the expired meat and potatoes portfolio gives protection until 2020, because no one is going to call him on it.

        And John, I'm still waiting for someone to point out a single remaining patent that gives meaningful protection.

      • hawaiijohn2, Yahoo board is totally useless when it comes to discussing REFR' progress. It's dominated by paid bashers. Do you know of any other forum where long term investors can talk about REFR without being harassed by paid bashers?

    • My dear chase,

      You areone of the original slime ball penny stock promoters on this board. For those reading this who don't know , "chase" has pimped this fraud for at least ten years. He disappeared when the price went way below the 20+ he thought to be a fraction of REFR's "real worth."

      All anybody needs do to get a real view of your dishonesty is to read your past posts. Then read REFR's concurrent SEC filings. Then check the price action.

      That shouldn't be too hard, even for the idiots sucked into buying this stock selling scam.

      So you are thrilled about another nonentity, in this case a "Kevin Douglas" and his yada yada shares of REFR.? How many names have you dropped over the past decade; billionaires "interested" in REFR, scientists, engineers, architects? Yet you never mention them a month or two later.

      A guarantee Kevin Douglas will disappear also.

      thanks for the offer to short his zillion shares of REFR. I always offered to short ALL of your shares, and those of any other "strong buy" on the board.

      Never any takers.

      Maybe they don't pay you enough to pimp this fraud to have enough to buy even a few shares at this "bargain" price.

    • thebardof_avoncalling thebardof_avoncalling Oct 13, 2012 3:51 PM Flag

      I suspect our boyz have already shorted more than a few of those shares, at prices well below $5.

      "...when Mr. Douglas invests, he buys big and keeps on buying, plus he operates a fairly concentrated portfolio in companies with market capitalizations under $1 billion. He owns enough of companies to safely say that he doesn’t trade at all around the holdings, and sits tight as his money works for him. It’s this last element that is particularly impressive. He sits tight amidst volatility, he sits tight holding losses, and he sits tight holding massive games. Patience is the man’s best friend."

      Sitting tight -- as in tight enough to squeeze?


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      • That Kevin Douglas "usually buys more", doesn't trade his holdings much should not be a reason to speculate in REFR. You folks are fond of saying that past behavior is not a good predictor of future behavior. Joe could very well cooked up a deal much to the combined advantage of Mr. Douglas and the REFR insiders.
        REFR takes money- uses it to subsidize BMW and other automobile installations- points to outstanding revenue growth (deflecting comment the corresponding rise in expenses)- uses Mr. Douglas to show legitimacy among savvy investors- and everyone off-loads shares before the game winds down once again.
        Has anyone seen that before? Raise your hands.

        Another point- Kevin Douglas does not have a flawless record e.g. American Superconductor.

        Yet another point- If REFR ever does start to make money, however doubtful the prospect, their remaining patent portfolio offers no protection.

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