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  • threespeech threespeech Dec 9, 2012 11:30 AM Flag

    " Our shareholders are going to be rich" pt. 4

    The next six months will tell us everything about the future success of RFI. In that timespan, Hondajet has and will be ramping up their production. But in the aerospace market, if there is no contract, there is no business. Daimler will be rolling out refresh and redesign S, E and C class models (surprised if C is incorporating). Joe also stated that a new auto OEM will be launching a production model incorporating spd technology. Will spd glass proliferate within this period?

    The use of the phrases "fraud" and "scam" linked to RFI have been useless for quite some time, much to the dismay of some posters. And " non-existence" or " no commercial products using spd technology " terminology is idiotic.

    Investors such a Mr. Douglas just don't throw money into the wind without knowing the direction it blows.

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    • Threespeech, I believe you are right and wrong on some of your points. Re: Mr. Douglas. You say that he doesn't "throw his money into the wind." As one of the other negative posters already noted many famous investors have gotten it wrong many times. In fact Mr. Templeton has said that one only needs to get it more right than wrong. Anybody following Soros or whoever, Douglas, into a trade is a foolish investor. Even Ponzi schemes have found their way into noted investors portfolios. It is good for the stock promoter to mention an "important investor," so it does have some cache.

      I have, as you know, labelled REFr a fraud and a scam over the years. It is clear to me that it is. you say that these terms have been "useless" much to the negative posters dismay. Quite the contrary, I am not dismayed by anything here on the REFR board. I only wish that you folks can talk this up again so I can short it again. I have no expectations when I call REFR a fraud." What would I expect to happen? An SEC investigation? Sleepy shareholders to wake up and sell the fraud they own? I have no expectations. I am just amused by this ongoing stock scam.

    • I would really like to believe that if the next six months are as disappointing as I believe they will be, threespeech, you will actually stick to your guns and stop listening to promises about the six months after that. But I'm skeptical on that point.

      As for "investors like Mr. Douglas", they are perfectly capable of making bad investment decisions like everyone else. I will never forget the cultish following around mega-millionaire Irwin L. Jacobs and his high-profile investment in Conseco about ten years ago. You pretty much had to see it to believe it -- even this board at its very worst never got as bad. Investors basically decided that with a heavy-hitter like Jacobs on their side failure was impossible. But the financials said differently and Conseco went bankrupt all the same. Jacobs probably just shrugged, and went into retirement with the hundreds of millions he still had left. For many of his followers the story did not end so well.

    • fraud or not, there will be a BIG jump in the stock price. that is when i cash out, and 'become rich'.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • nor do I.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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