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  • didibug01 didibug01 Jan 14, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    I previewed NENE to this board

    Good call on NENE
    My Compliments!
    But what would lead you to invest in a money losing/cash burning, 4 employee, low cash on hand, secondary stock offering dilution, story stock like NENE ? And you are a long time Long in REFR too? Even an abused Irish Catholic doesn't self-hate that much.
    You sort of like to shoot craps, eh? House always Wynn's.(sic) you know.

    So what is the story on the marketing this time? No news is good news? I liked your 8-track analogy, except REFR will not be remembered. And there were millions of 8-tracks sold....SPD is in the few hundreds.

    Who elected Joe and Company? Who has heard as much as a "Peep" out of Darryl Daigle?

    Or are you in the camp with the bettors on the "Monitization of the Intellectual Property" crew?
    I think Joe believes he can sue Mercedes. I don't believe, in a legal waiting game, his $10MM cash will carry him too far, he burns $4MM a year doing nothing.
    Again, thanks for the tip on NENE, even if it is a scary ride!

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    • The REFR suing Anybody Gambit is pure nonsense. Why would a company with a history of no royalty income; vastly overstated projections, and ridiculously over compensated insiders ever voluntarily take this fetid stock selling scam into any court in America.

      It is just one more BS story for watchitgo and the other "strong buy" dorks to churn on this message board.

    • well...I like this one because of the potential, and it is so very similar to the development of SPD. RFI management is not equal to the task. Success will sooner come to NENE because they have a by far more ambition. Take a couple minutes here...i can't post link for utube clip. You can
      find it on the Ihub board. It is highlighted messages area. interesting indeed. But you can visit their superior website. comp/rfi

      But that is my opinion. You can formulate your own opinion on how I invest, it's me and i own up to it. Foolish? yeah, Nervouse? Now and then.

      Thanks for your concern, though. I am getting up in age.Experienced doesn't always mean wise. But it has highlighted REASON and that does not always live up to expectations either. ;-

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      • Interesting perspective on "potential".
        I think the point I was making a week ago was I saw that NENE and REFR were a lot alike...and your reply point was right on, the word was "potential".
        My view was how much they were alike; 4 employees, minimal cash on hand, high cash burn, minimal sales,need to sell more stock and dilute existing holders, low likelihood of ever launching a product, and great "story" stocks.
        So, how did you find these two stocks? How did you do your DD?
        Bonus question; do you know Bob or Joe personally?
        Oh, and experience only means you have survived, not perfectly, but survived with some stories.
        Have a weekend that lights your life up!

      • watchitgo, you have a remarkable record; unremitting nastiness toward ANYONE who questions this ongoing stock fraud. You were one of my first attackers when I shorted this condemned taco stand in 2002. The price was 20 and quickly went to 17. You were foul mouthed and crazed in your manner. You have not changed as this nonsense scam has gone down to 3+.

        You have posted so much erroneous information and positive gossip about alleged new "licensees" that is is remarkable that you are still here. It must be due to your contempt for anyone who actually does believe you.

        Similarly, you have not only been a paid pumper for this nonsense stock, but for others as well.

        Over the years I have asked you for a full list of companies you pump so that I can short each and every one of them. Thus far you have not obliged me with this request.

        Say what you will about me personally (you love personal attacks , don't you?) or other sensible negative posters on this board, but here is the grim truth for you to embrace; anyone who shorted this fraud in 2002 has made a ton of money. Anyone, presumably you, who thanked us shorts along the way for lowering the price so that they can go long, lost a ton of money.

        That is the simple with it.

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