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  • eight.ball63 Jan 6, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    *** Walk of Sham ***

    REFR running a pure royalty company, issuing massive press releases while all the licensees cash the checks and then walks away with shareholder investments to pay crazy compensations packages. Walk of shame.

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    • I have been following this company since the early 1990's when someone mentioned it at my office. great idea. i got slightly excited today to see that it was still in business, but then all my excitement went down the drain when i looked at their latest financials. 22 years later, same story.

    • It's been a while since I checked on this board. Interestingly, nothing has changed,.

      Makes me wonder why any one continues to think REFR has a future.

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      • Mr. Pocci,

        Nothing has changed, and nothing will change until one day the bag holders find out that there is no bid on the stock, nor furniture in the REFR office (if there is any right now). This is an old scam story; it goes back to the earliest stock scams. As always, the idiots holding the shares think that "this time it is different."

        It is the job of the stock scam perpetrator to get prospective buyers to believe that they should look into the future, "not into the rear view mirrors." This metaphor has been used since the first rear view mirrors were mounted on automobiles. It sounds so "forward looking."

        I also don't believe that since I first shorted this fraud when it was 20 or so more than ten years ago that any of the penny stock scammers have ever quoted the REFR SEC filing. The reason for that is simply that those filings, unlike the hype on this board, have potentially severe liability for fraudulent claims. Hence they tell the story very clearly of a company with no sales, no customers, and the possibility that that reality will not change.

        The fraudsters by now are certain that there are still enough lazy investors who will not even look at the SEC filings.

        That is why this is such fun to follow.

    • Eight ball go to the RFI web site and take a look at the NEW BMW SUN ROOF. Yea its a sham LOL.

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      • eight.ball63 Jan 24, 2013 5:54 AM Flag

        Who cares, my point is that REFR doesn't profit from selling the glass idiot, only the licensee does. Obviously, they fooled you too. You are not alone, they have been fooling investors using tactics just like this for about 40 years.

      • "wow That's a lot of glass!" That may be the dumbest comment of this New Year. A lot og glass = a lot of gas, as in BS on this board. You REFR penny stock promoters have for two decades announced one new application or another. Not a single one has ever produced a dollar in arm's length royalty income.

        Here is your problem, little fella, you have to 'splain to us why with such great promise for this BMW sunroof the price of the stock is 70% less than it was when you, just two years ago, started another ridiculous rumor about SPD products. Remember that was Mercedes; you were soooo excited. It turned out to be nonsense.
        REFR is a stock selling scam

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