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  • threespeech threespeech Mar 7, 2013 6:17 AM Flag

    Here's how a new CEO should approach the job

    First of all, employees including management will learn how to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty by doing some "heavy lifting". Expect less money in their pockets (except for non-management employees) including the CEO and more money pouring into the business. There are plenty of eager and qualified unemployed people out there, that would love to work twice as hard and long for a lot less.

    No longer will the licensees be stranded on an island. They are the blood and guts of his business and from here on out our ears and doors will be open to assist them in anyway we can. Management will meet with them on a quarterly basis at their site of operation and semiannual meetings will be conducted with the entire licensee infrastructrue to make sure everyone is on board and working together. No more of this survivor of the fittest attitude. If a certain group of licensees need to get together to iron things out, we will arrange that meeting or host it at our office. These are the people that will make this industry a success and they will be respected and treated as such with whatever we can do to help them along this process. The goal will be 10% of the worldwide glass market being spd smartglass in 7 years. The licensees will need to know this so they can understand what we are trying to achieve and accept the challenge. Spd technology wants to be a major part of their business, not just a side job.

    RFI will cooperate with govt. and private agencies for testing and establishing spd glass as a standard in the glass industry. Everyone at RFI must learn to work as a team and then the licensees must be included as part of that team.

    Ideas will be shared from the smallest licensee on up to the largest licensee. The CEO of RFI will delegate and manage, not dictate.

    That's a start.

    Oh, and xavier, I was here before you were xavier. Protect those arms, you're going to break them patting yourself on the back so much.

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