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  • yashkasf Apr 17, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Question for the longs

    Yahoo shows valuation at about 96 million. Revenues at about 2 million. Even if they tripple in a year, how can this valuation be possibly justified?

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    • This company has a breakeven around 5 million dollars. Since this company revenues come from royalyies anything over 5 million 100% goes to the bottom line. If company can eventually have their technology on 250,000 cars a year you have 20 million in profit which is almost a dollar per share in earnings. You put the PE ratio in to get your own evaluation. Obviously May 15th is very important date for the expansion of sales from mercedes but it also may push BMW and Audi who already have prototypes with SPD to offer it as well.

    • Very simple. SPD is relatively new to the marketplace. It's growth over the last several quarters has been impressive, especially in cars and planes, but also in buildings, trains, buses and boats. More and more licensees are displaying their new SPD products and report encouraging acceptance. After decades of fits and starts, RFI is on the verge of exploding, both in SPD sales and stock price. When the Mercedes S Class is unveiled on May 15, we'll have a much better idea of the future, but indeed, the future is now.

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      • John fails to mention that, except for the Mercedes automobiles, all the other applications are in the demo, proposal, or custom installation phase.
        He parrots the REFR/Saxe/Harary line that has been used for all those decades of fits and starts that SPD is on the verge of explosion. John has been relaying that claim regularly for many years.
        If SPD use was really going to explode, it would have done so as soon as Hitachi had SPD film production capacity. That was supposedly six or seven years ago, assuming anyone was telling the truth.
        One should seriously question why two years have passed since Mercedes started shipping the Magic Sky Roof. It is a special subsidized deal?
        One should also question where REFR R&D and promotion money goes, as they spend nothing on equipment and have nearly zero advertizing other than the trade show appearances of licensees.
        One should read every REFR press release going as far back as possible and question why nothing ever turns out as promised.

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