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  • therealndixon therealndixon Nov 6, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    Type in "Bankruptcy" and search "all" and in February 2006 "wexler" declares it will happen in 270 days

    "wexler" and Asensio teamed up to try and push REFR down in order to cover a mishandled short position. Now 15 years later they still post here under aliases and they still try and go after me here and on SI. Wexler been outed for the pig/liar he's always been. Asensio's trying to make a "comeback" but all anyone has to do to see both of their sordid pasts is google their names. There's plenty of DOCUMENTATION on how these guys operate. Trolling message boards is one of them. They're #$%$. No one cares what they have to say except fake longs who magically "appear" with new IDs and keep conversations going. You know who you are crablegs so don't think it's going over any better than "sideburns."

    The die has been cast. SPD - changing the view of the world!

    THERE IS NO COMPETITION any contractor, CE, architect, yacht designer...ANYONE who wants to use smart glass will eventually go with SPD. Look at aerospace Tier 1s. They said it right there in there own press releases. They looked at EC (after all it was already flying in the 787) and they CHOSE SPD.

    Eventually ALL smart glass will be SPD. SPD mixed with other films. coupled with shades for ambient lighting, etc. The sky is the limit. REFR said yesterday, "our licensees are CAPABLE of serving the growing global demand for smart glass products in automobiles, homes, buildings, museums, aircrafts and boats.

    CEPro article is a perfect example of an industry saying "now it's affordable and even better than what we've been using" Are there other smart glass technologies with the exact same properties as SPD? NO!

    So if you want unlimited off/on switching vs. 100,000 as well as temperature range, instantly dimmable, works on plastic as well as glass AND a smart glass technology for which there have been NO complaints for the 12 years it's been commercialized. That kind of reliability doesn't exist elsewhere. Those ARE FACTS.

    Reread Forbes on ED. ONE SQUARE INCH!



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    • Other smart glass technologies don't restrict visibility when viewed at an angle, and are not limited to a dark blue tint. Maybe that is why almost all uses so far are in overhead applications, or restrooms.

      Other smart glass applications are not dark in the un-powered state, thus can be used in rear view mirrors.

      Other smart glass applications have been developed by multiple companies with a wide variety of ever improving technologies.

    • People , stop bickering and polluting this forum with ANCIENT garbage! Nobody cares who said what 10 years ago.

      Let's just focus our attention on the prospects of this company. Talk about the PRESENT and FUTURE!

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    • One, you know perfectly well that was based on existing cash at the time; someone (foolishly) subsequently purchased a new stock offering thus putting off the deadly day. Second, YOU started this round by stomping all over Bill's SI board in his absence. Google "Bill Wexler's Trading Cabana" and see how N. Dixon had free rein and posted many times over the course of more than a month before Wexler responded. So don't go trying to paint yourself as the victim now.

      • 1 Reply to kjpod
      • Oh wexy, sending your little minion kj over to post his 6,397th post bashing REFR and anyone who DARES to say the truth about the idiots who shorted this stock.

        VICTIM? Hardly, he's the one who's running scared. Thought he could get away with his smarmy comments,well go right ahead. I love to post the true history of "wexy" He's a liar and his pal Asensio didn't bail him out with this press release saying SPD didn't exist.

        KJ - He said SPD didn't exist? And you "defend" him or are YOU just his messenger boy. He's so threatened by me, and he's a joke on the SI board. Everyone just googles "wexler and asensio" and his sordid past rises up before him.

        SIX THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED NINETY-EIGHT posts??????? and you're not a long or a short in this stock. You have no positoin, and yet you post here fo half your lifetime??? I think there is a LOT of MONEY at stake and it's over for you pigs.

        HEAR THAT??? IT'S OVER! And there will be consequences, I can ASSURE you of that.


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    • Wait a minute , wait a minute . I am on your side TD . I have been loading up on this stock since last March . Please don't shoot me with friendly fire . I wish you knew me in person . How else can I convince you ?

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