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  • streatwse streatwse Feb 13, 1998 1:35 PM Flag

    C'mon N Dixon!

    In an earlier post you said you were willing to debate specific, ligit concerns. I've outlined the basis of my biggest
    concern in great detail, (msg 119) and you tell me I can find my answer in the REFR website. I suggest you look at the 10-Q dated
    11-13-96. At the end of the document, you can see a large chunk of "collateral" surrendered to the company. I have not used the word
    "scam" in presenting this concern. I simply believe this practice is grossly unfair given the rewards (?) the rest of the
    shareholders have been able to reap TO DATE. Again, why can't they wait? If Grove or Gates did the same thing, who would complain? They
    took care of the "crowd". I realize it's less challenging "preachin' to the choir" but I welcome you to PROVE me wrong on this.
    P.S. Was'nt mad Nick, just asking for an explanation.

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    • Check the date on this post by Ms. Fruad/Scam/Liar/Low-Life Scum:

      To: Soon to be "Critical" No More
      by: N_Dixon 02/21/98 06:35 pm
      Msg: 202 of 197224

      I was wondering who the female engineer you spoke with might have been. If you called asking for information regarding the company they probably transferred you to Pat Bryant, Investor Relations. If she is an engineer, I'm not aware of it. In the future I would suggest that you go to their web site where you can email them your questions and they will respond. Sometimes it does take a day or two but they have always gotten back to me. If you haven't already, I would check out the group on Silicon Investors. We have some very sharp people who speak with the licensees and can give you up-to-date information. You have to belong to post a note there, but if you leave your questions on this thread for them I could make a copy and post it for you. One of the SI posters speaks with the project director at Material Sciences and could probably get answers to your questions regarding the film. I also have someone who is going to San Diego to speak with MSC and I could pass your questions on to him. Some of us have waited a long time for SPD technology to be perfected to its current state and we now can realistically see commercialization on the horizon. Those of us who have kept faith and stayed in touch with the company know what a tremendous, hard-fought achievement this is. They have received some deserved criticism of past mistakes but mostly a lot of unfair bashing from old investors (as I'm sure you've read on this and other boards) who either didn't understand the complexity of what was being developed or who just felt that because their expectations were not met then the company must be dishonest. Through all these accusations REFR has stayed the course doing what needed to be done to help their licensees get SPD products on the market and not becoming sidetracked with the ups and downs and longs and shorts of the market. We've just experenced a barrage of these attacks recently from those who have a lot to lose if this stock goes up. Therefore please pardon any sensitivity on the part of the long time investor and believer in this company. We have had it with the low lifes whose intent is only to spread fear and doubt and don't care if they have the facts or not. You are right about Bob Saxe, he is honest and a true visionary and his greatest asset/fault is that he is too enthusiastic at times. But he deserves an amazing amount of credit for persevering and bringing us to the point we are today. Welcome to the Dream!

    • The timeline is going to depend on the licensees. I know that REFR works with them to address issues (B. Saxe pointed out these in his recent letter) Hankuk faxed back my friend that they expect product to be available 1998/early 99 and that they would let him know as soon as they had more information to determine. Orcolite is pretty tight-lipped. I'm expected goggles in 2000 but Saxe's letter seemed to intimate that they were moving along more rapidly. I know that companies are sometimes reluctant to let on where they are so as not to alert competitors (especially true of the auto makers). I think we are at the beginning of commercialization and that we will have a deep pipeline of potential products. I am not hanging my hat on just Hankuk and/or Orcolite. Best version of "Route 66" - Asleep at the Wheel! Listen to Bob Wills when driving through the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. "Ahaa...oh yeah"

    • >>>>>I don't think we should seriously compare REFR to any other stock.>>>>

      I have to agree with this statement. Most stocks have actual earnings, and many pay dividends.

      Most stocks have a future.

    • <<Fact is that if a fraud or scam does not exist you people would have to invent one.>>

      They did. Manuel.


    • <<if Manuel Asensio didn't exist, you people would have to invent him.>>

      Moot point. West Highland and friends beat us to it.


    • Fact is that if a fraud or scam does not exist you people would have to invent one.

    • <<Sad fact is, if Manuel Asensio didn't exist, you people would have to invent him.>>

      LOL - Manuel wasn't invented by the longs, nor is it exclusively longs who are promoting his relevance.

      My post was a response to soulard, who isn't long. The kjpod alias has also made posts disputing the contention that Manuel is out of the picture.

    • <<Sad fact is, if Manuel Asensio didn't exist, you people would have to invent him.>>

      Going on five years ago. All that is missing is a name.

      <<shorts importance
      by: N_Dixon 02/02/98 05:04 pm
      Msg: 69 of 160530

      It's not the amount as much as the timing. They short heavily when news is sending the price up----playing on investor psychology. They hit hard when stock is inactive and then you also see their notes start hitting the boards regarding the viability of the technology. I don't think they will be a factor in the long run but they do hurt the small investor who is not savvy and believes that price decline denotes a problem with the company. Also margin players compound the problem by having to sell during these lows. You are right that there are people playing the long and short side---they have a right to do so. I owe them my thanks for they have allowed me to accumulate a substantial position for myself and my family by keeping the priceartificially low.>>

      I ask anyone, what was the preoccupation with shorts before the shorts showed up in any material scale?

    • <<Sad fact is, if Manuel Asensio didn't exist, you people would have to invent him.>>

      These people were whining about company detractors and concocting short conspiracy theories when the short position was miniscule, given the companies status as an unproven publi venture capital investment. Just look at the first 100 posts -- there was, what, a couple of hundred thousand shares short? And they were crying foul long before that.

      As you know, I believe this is a scam that from very early on envolved friendly short sales into press releases, or some twist on such a scheme.

      I also seriously doubt that management has believed the this company has had any commercial value for a long time (as evidenced, in my opinion, by a pattern of PR as well as multiple outrageous stunts), hence the need for a boogie man with impure motives to deflect attention from the abject emptiness that is REFR.

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