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  • rrrron rrrron Feb 26, 1998 10:33 AM Flag

    $6,000 vs $9

    Let's take the conservative position and that is the stock will
    achieve a 1% penetration in the windows market. That would be
    about $15 in earning per share. Most stock with $15 in earnings
    per share would trade for somewhere near $250. Now let's take a
    look at the optimistic picture and there is a eventual 25%
    penetration that should take the share price to around $6,000 per
    share. Does it really sound impossible that 25% of all new homes
    and office buildings to have this technology that is vastly
    superior to venetian blinds? I think one day this type of
    windows will be the standard. So think think about it the worst
    possible scenario is that you lose $9 per share and one of the
    best case scenarios is that you make around $6,000 per share.
    Due to the limited lifespan on the incredible earnings (due to
    patent expiration)) the stock may only hit a couple of thousand dollars on a 25% penetration. Schucks! P.S. I didn't include
    sun-glasses, sun-roofs, and possibly computer screens.

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    • rrrronn

      That's pretty much the way I see it (who cares if our #'s are two or three thousand $$ different) You get pretty much the same answer if you look at the Faulkner figures for just the auto industry applications (excluding the flat panels). Anyway you cut this baby, it's got such a high reward, the risk of $9 per share is negligible, just get on board & hang on for the ride, or as CL144 would say..."Hannng on Snoopy, Snoopy Hang on". (Idon't get it. "rain" together?)

      Who said "those xerox guys are nutz", circa 1958? Whoever he was, if he held a hunnert shares he was makin heavy trips to the bank by 1968!! Same thing for instant photography, Microsoft, etc. etc. It happens man, let it happen.

      P.S. Hi ND


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      • Spod
        It was a feeble attempt at humor. Thought there was an oldie song by that title. You still be the king. I beg the ravages of age.
        I see no one has bothered to respond to the "Don't Bee" escapee from the Romper Room. Probably just as well.
        One thing I should have mentioned in my last post is the viewing angles on the respective products. LCD has a very narrow viewing angle as we all know. The viewing angle on SPD plates being much wider and clearer.
        Yoda 1
        We have all seen examples of people who have been richly rewarded for following their dreams. Dell computer is one for all of us to aspire to. As many of us have stated before, REFR is going to achieve it's "place in the sun" and those with vision and foresight will be richly rewarded, up to their level of investment. It's just a matter of time.

    • rrrron
      I forgot to mention bmwbadboy and spodeeodee. Gentlemen, no slight intended. I beg the regression of age. And to all the REFRmaniac's out there, "Our Day Will Come" and we will be "Dancin in the Street".

    • rrrron
      Welcome to the club My Man. Another REFRmaniac heard from. Some people take a very short view of this issue, no pun intended, and others are taking a very long view. You seem to fall in with the latter group. Allow me to introduce you to your peers:
      Ms. Dixon is our most eloquent and intelligent spokeslady/person.
      Co_yoda_1, olsock, along with myself, your most humble servant, are all REFRmaniac's.
      We all may not agree with your figures, but we all agree this issue is bound for glory.
      Enjoy the Ride!!

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      • Come on CL144. Allow us all just 5 minutes to do the math. That means a measly 100 share investment today ($950) could eventually be worth $600,000!!!!!

        Everyone in Yucaipa take a moment.....

        Ok now back to work.

        CL144: Thank you for the nice compliments. I am only trying to clarify for those small investors who don't know all the shenanigans that affect a stock price what we're up against with shorts and traders. I have to thank for the permission to reprint his article for the Yucaipa Investment Club and for his kind words of support. Nice to know not everyone on the street is jaded.

        As for we "old time REFRmaniacs" there's no help for us. We're just going to continue to believe that all this great news is actually great news. Go figure!

        Am enjoying the trip and the company regardless of where we end up.

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