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  • miraclewon miraclewon Mar 2, 1998 8:37 PM Flag

    Questions, Factual Answers Appreciated

    I am just starting to look at this stock. I have a few questions and hope one of you may provide me with some answers.

    1. How many months or years have the lidensees (GE, Sanyo, Monsanto etc...)had their contracts with REFR?

    2. Do any of the licensees have any product on the market yet?

    3. If no licensees have product on the market, is there an estimated time frame before they will?

    4. Any auto supplier joint ventures in the works?

    5. Why should I invest in this company?

    6. Any insider selling going on?

    7. Who follows this company?

    8. How much will this applied technology increase the final cost to the consumer?

    I understand if I am reading the recent financial reports carefully that the company has no debt, roughly $10,000,000 in cash, and strong patented technology. Approximately 10,000,000 shares of common stock Authorized. Signed license agreements with at least 8 licensees, and more to follow.

    The major weakness I see is the lack of current income. Any factual opinions on when the income ie... royalties may begin? I also read that some private investors invested $5,000,000 in stock warrants. I believe I also read that Insiders were excercising their options to buy more shares. So far this looks good to me. Please enlighten me further.

    Thank you,

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    • How good is the track record of VectorVest?
      If you believe it's good, can you prove it?
      If it's not good, or you don't know, why bother posting their anal-ysis?


    • Hey Gary, chill a little huh?

      That was some good analysis you showed us, the problem is, like ND said, that's not the kind of analysis you typically do on
      an R&D technology play like refr. That's how you analyze Coke, McDonalds, Ford, Caterpillar, Xerox, you know, companies that
      have track records. This is a Technology play. Technology doesn't sit on a balance sheet, or get traded like inventory. If you
      really want to help here, show us where someone has done an anlysis against a high tech pre production technology play model.

      Thanks Gary.

    • Your opposing views are always welcome. They make great discussion. To my knowlege, REFR will not have any products in the market place anytime soon. REFR's LICENSEES are now pioneering the way to production for REFR's SPD technology. Those licensees are continuing to spend their money in their effort to bring THEIR products to market with REFR's technology.

      Your information from VectorVest ProGraphics is very complimentary to REFR. For a company that does not produce anything, has no profits, no income and let's not forget the horrible management this company has had over the past 20+ years, how VectorVest ProGraphics give us a stellar RV, (Relative Value), rating of 0.08. How did REFR score so high!

      I think Dixon hit the nail on the head, and often does, when Dixon alluded to the Forbes Special Survey on American Superconductor. Your article stated, "In this case, the stock is currently selling at a premium, and the investor banking on future earning growth to drive the stock's price higher." THAT MY GOOD FRIEND IS WHAT INVESTING IS ALL ABOUT.

      WE, the investors, weigh the risks, up or down, and decide if the upside is worth more than the downside, (of course the shorts lose money on the upside and their agenda is to depress the price). I think normal investors buy a stock after considering the risks and they hope the stock does well.

      I am one of those investors that hoped the stock would skyrocket within 6 months after I bought it. Fortunately, the price
      dropped and I matured a bit more and bought more. Now REFR actually has some licensees working on bringing the technology form the
      laboratory to the production line. Having been involved in new product start ups in the Steel industry and circuit foil industry, I can
      tell you that a couple of years is not an extrordinary amount of time to bring new technology to the production line.

      I find your views stimulating. Don't get scared off. Some of us really do enjoy your posts. They can be very amusing.


    • This site provides a weekly technical analysis. Not always the best way to look at a stock since no human interpretation of events is included but interesting for those who like to look at charts:

      target=new >

      Hope this helps,


    • is what i rate some of the people on this thread. a person asked for an analysis of a stock, you posted the ra! Ra! Side, and i posted an opposing view from my outside party of choice. isn't everyone entitled to two sides of every story?? remember, refr has used the same strategy for 5 years, we'll have a product next year!! next year has never come. don't insult me or i'll toss out some more good pickins'. gary

    • 1. Decades 2. No 3. Always next year 4. No 5. Better than playing in a crooked
      dice game. 6. Yes but not unusual 7. All the nuts on this board 8. This is the
      $64,000 question. If the technology gets out and is not too expensive and you
      chose to invest, you will make a ton.

      I am tired of being beaten up by the nuts on this board. I have been an investor in
      this company for over five years. Though I have not lost money, compared to the
      S&P 500, my money has been dead and my reputation challenged only because
      of healthy skepticism. I am going underground and plan on returning in disguise.

      Real name = Jim

      • 1 Reply to wiseowl4
      • Wiseowl4
        You display a vey negative attitude for a company you have alledgely invested in during the past five years. I believe that is what people have taken exception to, that and some of your smart aleck answers.
        I invest in other issues and mutual funds along with REFR. All issues that I believe in. That is the point that I have been trying to make. Issues that I believe in, underline that. I belive in this stock, if I didn't I certainly wouldn't have been be in it for the last nine years. The way you whine and cry about this issue makes many people wonder about you and your motives.
        My first name also is Jim, so unfortunatly we have something in common.
        Jim I hope you Enjoy the Ride!!

    • Tranvo
      I will give you the same sound advice that has been posted here previously. Call the company and talk to Ms. Pat Bryant, the director of investor relations.
      Call at 1-(888)-773-7337 a toll free call.
      Email Ms Bryant at <>
      All the patents last well into the next century.

      "There is no product made by man that cannot be duplicated by another in a cheaper and shoddier manner. Anyone who relies on price to be his determining factor is this man's lawful prey".

      Something to keep in mind when considering the impact on REFR once the licensee's start putting products on the market and royalties into the pipeline. There is absolutely nothing like SPD technology on the market as yet, and it has the potential to dominate it,s market niche.
      Enjoy the Ride!!

    • If research frontiers is essentially a group of scientist and engineers. Right? So, if the only company income and hence profit comes from the royalites they recieve what will happen to the company when their patents expire? Will this group of 30 scientist all of a sudden be worth nothing? I'm in for the long haul but I'm curious as to who will want to buy my stock once the expiration deadline aproaches? Or what? Please help me undrestand!!! Thanks for the help!

      P.S. If any of you read the Bible there is a proverb which says "He who accumulates little by little makes it grow". Think about it.

    • You should check with Pat Bryant, Investor Relations. She can send you information re: most all your questions except #5

      Why to invest is a personal matter and up to no one but the individual taking the risk.

      Good luck and hope this helps.


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