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  • umby98 umby98 May 21, 1998 2:47 PM Flag

    Who left the barn door open?

    Wow! You go away for a couple of days and all
    hell breaks loose. It looks like we got some
    interesting responses form the likes of Dr. Joyce, an
    Evangelist and other passionate yet oddly disinterested

    RJMONSKI; where did you come from all of a sudden? Out of
    the blue you come out and call people morons, idiots,
    in need of help etc. and you don't care to elaborate
    why. You then follow up with other passionate
    statements about "digging like hell" for dirt and sticking
    around to annoy us to death, all with a touch of quite
    colorful language I might add. This doesn't sound like
    somebody who couldn't care less about REFR's performance
    as you claim. If your claim is true, please explain
    why you (and this goes for you other posters who also
    feign NO INTEREST in REFR) spend so much time and
    effort on this thread? I am now confused. Can't you guys
    see that we can't see the sense in your posting just
    for the hell of it? There must be 10,000 companies
    out there for you guys to get interested in. Do you
    have that much idle time on your hands? Do you post
    just to annoy and irritate or are you looking out for
    all of us poor, misguided children? C'mon, give us a
    little credit. If indeed you had a vested interest
    (short positions, SPD competitor) I can understand your
    reasons for posting the way you do, if not, why do you

    You know RJ, I was always told that the
    company you keep is a reflection of yourself. I guess the
    title of your post #639 tells us the real

    Thyraud, what is up with the CLorox144 moniker? Sounds
    like it could be a new product. And what do you mean
    by, "to plagiate CLorox144..." PLAGIATE???

    ND, how do you know Thyraud and his antics so well?
    What is your sincere interest/affiliation with YIC.
    (you don't have to answer if that's your preference, I
    was just curious).

    To you short selling
    geniuses out there: In the world of upticks and downticks
    does volume of the uptick matter when it comes to
    executing a short sale? For instance, if there's a
    succession of downticks and then an uptick on 1,000 shares,
    can a short sale occur for 10,000 shares?

    Thanks. It's good to be back but I'd still rather be

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    • aarrcc
      If I may add another thought here to
      help your decision process. We have posters on this
      thread that make outrageous claims about this stock and
      the licensee's ability to bring a product to market.
      Be very careful to whom you listen and take advice
      from. Some peoples agenda is not their real objective.

      People like streetwse and a few of his cohorts have huge
      short positions to cover so it is in their self
      interest to try and drive the price down.
      agenda and objective are both the same, to get this
      puppy up and running like a big dog. Read this thread
      and you can see who the boosters and the naysayers
      I have been with this company since 1990 and am
      still buying for myself and my grandchildren. We all
      advise patience and maturity to allow this technology to
      mature and come to market. Make sure your on

      Enjoy the Ride!!

    • Yes, today you are seeing the day trader's do
      "their thing." That last flurry of activity (around
      2pmEDT) has Herzog at the bid AND the ask. They are going
      back and forth trying to take advantage of the down
      market conditions.They are happy making a few bucks on
      1/16 of a point. Good eyes. Thanks for the


      P.S. TW haven't heard from you lately. How're the
      locals doing? Hope you guys are still planning to go the
      annual meeting.

    • I would contact the company if you have not
      already done so. Click on this to go to their web site
      where you will get the pertinent

      As an investor I don't have to make an either/or
      decision. I can own both a large cap and small cap company.
      The upside potential of REFR is so huge and far
      outweighs the downside risk that I would feel that it was a
      bigger risk NOT to be invested. My position in the stock
      has grown as I see licensees getting closer to
      commercialization. I think this is an incredible price considering
      that this is potentially a 3 digit stock in the near

      Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


    • Hey,

      To all those who took the time to
      provide me some information, I very much appreciate it.
      N_Dixon, I found your response particularly informative
      and helpful.

      I'm basically a large-cap,
      long-term investor by temperment, and I still don't know if
      I'm going to come up with the guts to pull the
      trigger on REFR, but certainly I feel a lot less ignorant
      than I did.

      Thanks again. And I'll be keeping
      an eye out for any other views and information I can
      get. (If you have any thoughts on other places I
      should look, I'd be glad to hear about it.)

      the meantime, anybody who wants to tell me what a
      terrible idea it is to invest in this stock, I'd be
      curious to hear that, too.

    • Re: Focus Group -- Call Pat Bryant at
      1-888-SPD-REFR. I gave all the information I

      <<Why do you think that commercialization is really so
      close now? It has SEEMED that we were so very close in
      the past.>>

      It seemed close because, up
      until the GE license agreement, people weren't even
      acknowledging that the SPD technology worked! GE coming on
      board and then Glaverbel expanding their agreement
      signaled a change in this thinking and people felt that
      since the technology worked, products would soon
      follow. At no time during this period did we have a
      licensee publish a brochure and announce a
      commercialization target date as Hankuk has done. MSC was not
      aboard as a film manufacturer and actively working on
      doing large runs of SPD film. Orcolite was not making
      monumental strides towards the sports goggle. I don't see
      any comparison with the past

      It is this high
      level of commitment by the licensees, which is borne
      out in their recent ongoing activities, that signals
      our future success. The most important thing that
      REFR has always needed has been sponsorship from the
      highest level to bring about the first product. Without
      this you can have the best technology that never sees
      its way out of the some company's R&D department.

      I've spoken with people who attended the last glass
      show and they said that there was no doubt in their
      mind regarding the enthusiasm and commitment
      demonstrated by Hankuk to bringing SPD products to market. The
      PRESIDENT of Hankuk was in the booth handing out his cards
      and brochures. This is a BIG company. This man was
      GLASSMAN OF THE YEAR. This is quite different than having
      some tech guy way down in the hierarchy loving your
      technology but with no ability to commit funds towards your
      project. I am also hearing the same kind of terrific
      things about "can-do" people at MSC and Orcolite. It is
      the licensees who will make this happen and we now
      have some terrific ones. I am very


    • Please REFeR to my question on post 709. I would
      like to know more about the focus group. When and
      where was it? Who sponsored it?

      I have been long
      in REFR longer than anyone here. I have been
      enthusiastically positive about the company for many years. Why do
      you think that commercialization is really so close
      now? It has SEEMED that we were so very close in the
      past. But alas, no soap.

      I'd appreciate your

    • aarrcc you asked:

      <<REFR has an
      impressive list of licensees, but these licensees have taken
      little up front risk.>>

      In a prior post it
      was stated how REFR has enlisted licensees in order
      to save us the cost of producing and manufacturing.
      In order to accomplish this the up front fees may
      seem nominal but if you look at the cost savings to
      our company they are quite substantial. For instance
      in the case of Hankuk, they have probably spent over
      $3 million to date in developing SPD windows, and
      have a team of 9 technical people working on it. If
      you factor in this $3 miilion and the annual salaries
      of the 9 technical people you can see that it is
      hardly a "no risk" proposition for Hankuk and indeed
      quite a savings for us. We do not have to offset these
      expenses against the royalties. MSC and Orcolite also have
      hired new people to complement their existing personnel
      to work on SPD windows and eyewear, have bought
      equipment, etc

      <<What assurance is there that
      actual products are going to result from these
      none -- but they are going to a lot of trouble and
      expense just to be playing around with this. In light of
      the Korean financial situation it hardly behoove
      Hankuk to be putting money and manpower toward something
      that they don't plan on following through

      <<There are at least two other companies on the web who
      are into the exact sort of thing REFR is doing. Both
      have products available right now. Why is REFR

      Electrochromic devices are NOT the exact sort of thing REFR is
      doing. . Several dozen companies are working on
      electrochromic windows. Sustainable Technologies Australia, LTD
      is but one of them. There are many technical and
      practical problems. For example, an EC window may take tens
      of minutes to hours to change (vs 1 second for
      SPDs), cost a fortune, require very conductive ancillary
      coatings, have an "iris effect" (where changes start to
      occur at the edge of the window and then work their way
      in to the center), operating temperature
      limitations, etc. Also, in the brochure, STA's EC window had a
      very poor range (around 10-12 percentage points) of
      light transmission vs. the wide range SPD windows
      typically have (65 percentage points, for example 18%
      (dark) to 82% (transmissive). Simply put they do not
      have the level of control nor the spectrum of light
      transmission and are costlier.

      <<Donnelly Mirrors
      manufactures electrochromic devices, primarily for cars, but
      also for other applications. They have sold mirrors
      for installation on volkswagen and audi

      Donnelly makes an electrochromic mirror similar to Gentex.
      (Gentex has about 90% of the market, Donnelly and a few
      other companies share the remaining 10%). With
      electrochromic mirrors, the problems are (1) speed (they take up
      to 10 seconds to change vs. 1 second or less for SPD
      mirrors), and (2) cost-REFR believes the costs of their
      materials, plus the reduced ancillary coatings and
      electronics, will enable their licensees to make SPD mirrors
      cheaper than EC mirrors.
      Also we have other markets
      like flat panel displays in which SPD can be applied.
      We are not limited to glass

      Hope this helps.

    • i agree 100% with your assesment of the electrochromatic technology. the spd technology is vastly superior in operation, speed, cost, etc. it will make the electrochromatic stuff obsolete.

    • I don't know what kind of DD you've been doing,
      but Electrochomic Technology is to refr technology
      rather like a Royal manual typewriter is to a Pentium MX
      computer. Once this stuff hits the marketplace, people will
      forget how to spell electrochromic.

      Check out the
      refr web site and the paper cited in the previous
      post. I don't think you want to be on the sidelines
      when this baby takes off.

      38 hr. & 40min.
      to blast off. (tick, tick, tick)

    • Check out a technical paper written by Dr. Carl
      Lampert, title;
      "international advances in chromogenic
      switching technology".
      The abstract can be found in the
      SPIE web site and you can order
      the paper by credit
      card. The paper compares the latest in
      film technology, including refr's spd. Keep also
      mind that the paper is almost 1 year old. Regards, DBR

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