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  • rrrron rrrron Jun 12, 1998 1:51 AM Flag


    Between WWI and WWII, Billy Mitchell was
    convinced airplanes
    could be used effectively against
    naval targets. He
    was met with much skepticism from
    the navy. To prove he was
    right, he sunk a German
    WWI battleship in front of their eyes. Did the navy
    brass believe him after they saw a heavy battleship
    turn upside down and sink? no

    After reading all
    of the press announcements from the past it
    clear that REFR has been making steady progress
    comercialization. Also note that it was not long ago that
    black colored particle was an important research
    And the latest news is substantial and
    positive for REFR. I
    don't see how anyone could
    interpret it any other way.

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    • <<I feel we owe a GREAT deal of gratitude
      to Bob Saxe and the rest and I found it hard not to
      get emotional when I think of how long and hard they
      have worked toward this day. Especially how sad it
      must have been for them not to have Bob Thompson there
      to share it with them.>>

      It surprised
      me that there were no kinds words expressed in the
      memory of the late Mr. Thompson (unless it occurred at
      the very start of the meeting -- I was several
      minutes late in arriving). The man literally spent his
      whole life on SPD.

      <<I came on to the
      board expecting to see at least one or two who might
      also be celebrating>>

      The more one knows
      about REFR, and the longer one has known it, the more
      likely one is to celebrate. The relative newcomers,
      including myself, recognize this as good news, but don't
      really understand as well as you do that this was great
      news. Mea culpa for my lack of

      Remember, any time you recognize something before the
      market does, it represents a buying opportunity, so
      ...BUY, BUY, BUY!!


    • Bob Saxe and his team has provided the hard work.
      Stockholders, including myself since 1991, have taken the risk.
      The time is near for all of us to reap the benefits.
      I have not purchased any stock in the last year to
      add to my holdings of over 20,000 shares. I believe
      our time has finally come. It may not be tomorrow or
      next week but it will be soon. I plan on buying more
      shares starting this week. I hope to be able to purchase
      as many shares as possible at these bargain prices.

    • (continued from prior post)

      That news
      release marks the end of the long and arduous journey
      that Bob Saxe and Bob Thompson embarked on over 30
      years ago and they DID IT and with NO DEBT hanging over
      shareholders� heads! I was beside myself when I read the
      announcement. It was in this frame of mind that I came on to
      the board expecting to see at least one or two who
      might also be celebrating and needless to say I was
      incredulous that I would be encountering concerns that should
      rightly have been buried after the Hankuk announcement
      but still persist thanks to the willingness of our
      "I�m not short---just a trader" friends who are more
      than willing to fan your fears.

      Admit it, it�s
      the stock price that�s got everyone upset at REFR. If
      we were at $20 a share no one would be moaning and
      groaning about how many years they�d waited---especially
      now that the wait is over. If the current stock price
      bothers you then go out and get sponsorship for the
      stock. Tell brokers to call the IR firm that the company
      just hired (1-800-473-5169 Glen Santha) or tell them
      to call Pat Bryant at the company
      (1-888-SPD-REFR)and get literature on SPD and have their concerns
      answered. Spread the word that SPD is coming! Get your
      friends and neighbors to share in the dream. That�s what
      the YIC is doing. It�s not easy when you have such a
      concerted effort on the part of those who want to keep the
      price down. How many of us have shared our enthusiasm
      for this stock with others only to have them point
      out to you the decline in price or the fluctuations?
      They don�t call the company or investigate---they look
      at the stock price to see if you know what you�re
      talking about. It�s all about investor psychology (I
      reprinted some interesting information on this in a prior
      post with that heading).

      Bottom line, I don�t
      think the unwarranted blaming and complaining are going
      to help current, former or potential investors have
      a clear picture of what this company is offering in
      1998. On the contrary, I feel we owe a GREAT deal of
      gratitude to Bob Saxe and the rest and I found it hard not
      to get emotional when I think of how long and hard
      they have worked toward this day. Especially how sad
      it must have been for them not to have Bob Thompson
      there to share it with them.. Anyway, I�m sorry if I
      was mean.


    • Hemphands, aarrcc, and any other innocent

      I believe that to be a truly good person one must
      have a sense of humor and a sense of justice. The
      former shows you have a brain and the latter, a heart.
      In regards to the latter, I owe you all an apology.
      No matter my feelings regarding your negativism,
      skepticism it would have been better to answer your
      questions than to mock your concerns or question your
      motives. I had hoped that we had addressed these issues
      regarding the history of licensees and alleviated those
      negative concerns with the truth. I forget that
      "Specstock" and few others have fueled your fears and spent
      the last 3 years talking about how this company has
      never come through with a "product" as if this was due
      to anything other than the complexity of bringing
      such a revolutionary new technology to market.

      Most people to whom I�ve introduced REFR make the same
      mistake of viewing this as they view all R&D companies
      ---as if we were dealing with some sort of new software
      or widget that should have been on the market years
      ago if only "management" had done it�s job. It was
      only when I took time to explain the course of
      development of SPD and how Saxe and Thompson got licensees to
      participate in the development and refinement (Saving us
      MILLIONS!!!!!). I told them to read the press releases so they
      can trace the evolution from the early primitive
      stages --- with a few curious licensees looking into
      potential applications and providing valuable feedback to
      the lab that precipitated necessary changes --- to
      the current licensees who have moved from the R&D
      stages to the commercialization phase. Now they have
      completed the final stages which includes the setting up of
      suppliers and film sources ---no mean task by any
      standard---) and they have PUBLICLY announced that the
      material for commercial runs is ready to go in 90 DAYS!

      (continued next post)

    • that is beautiful.

    • That's pretty funny.

    • Wife: "Honey, look there�s a press release on
      REFR today."

      Husband: "What?! 90 more days!
      That long.!!!???? That�s it --- let me get on the
      computer and unload our position."

      Wife: "But
      honey, we�ve waited 5 years for this, shouldn�t we at
      least wait to see if they do it? I mean didn�t you say
      that we would make our money when the first licensee
      came out with a product?"

      Husband: "Why wait
      when I�ve got these 2-3 sure things from 'specstock'.
      We�ll triple our money and then we can buy back REFR
      and have even more shares and be even richer. It�s
      called the "Time Value of Money."

      Wife: "But,
      honey if they have a licensee bringing product to
      market won�t that raise the value of company. I believe
      from studying the numbers that the upside is quite a
      bit more than triple today's value. It looks like
      they will have soon have revenues that will be more
      than the stock is selling for today."

      "Yes, but what if there won�t be a product for at least
      12-18 months? No one will buy it until the first
      product is out and we can come back and buy all we

      Wife: "But won�t SOME people figure out that this
      technology is now coming onto the marketplace and then who
      will want to sell us their stock when the product
      release date is even closer? Honey were you wearing your
      glasses when you read the press release? I don�t think
      they would be saying this especially when they know
      how you get at those annual meetings. You keep
      shouting �Make me eat crow, Bobby! Make me eat crow!!�
      Honestly you don�t even let me buy GE bulbs

      Husband: "Honey, did you miss the last meeting of the
      Southern Baptist Women�s Group. I believe they were going
      over the new mandate that "a woman should be
      cheerfully submissive to her husband."

      Wife: "If it�s
      all the same to you sweetheart, I�ll take half the
      community property and buy your REFR shares from you and
      move on. And no fair coming after me next year for
      spousal support. Oh and at the Bible study we went over
      "what you sow, so shall you reap." That�s why I like my
      investment strategy better. It�s called "using your brain."

    • I notice that this morning we have a lot of
      inquiring minds. Now call me cynical but does anyone else
      notice a pattern here?

      For all the inquiring

      The recent press release confirms we are scaling up
      to commercial runs shortly. MSC and Hankuk are on
      track and very positive about the product being out.
      Time frames will be up to them.

      The news is
      good and this stock is definitely undervalued.
      Everyone I know is buying but has found it lucrative to
      stay low and let stock come to them.

      In terms
      of believing, that's a question of faith. I derive
      mine from seeing what the company has done. I
      understand the complexity and magnitude of what they are
      doing. I have written about this in post after post.
      There are others who do not believe as strongly as I in
      what the company says. I believe some of them to be
      short sellers and day traders and some just
      shareholders with unrealistic expectations. At NO time have I
      been lied to by this company. At NO time have I been
      told to expect product by a certain date. I have
      investigated the licensees and what they have accomplished.
      Some indeed were planning to commercialize earlier but
      corporate pulled the plug because of start up costs and
      unavailability of the film. That is all behind us---WAY behind
      us. Film is available in 90 days in commercial run
      sizes. President of Hankuk is committed to this. Hankuk
      is solvent and has already put millions into this.
      More licensees are lining up. The black particle will
      widen the scope of application. Flat Panel Displays is
      another huge market that is in the future. Right now
      though we have glass product about to come onto the


    • <<And the latest news is substantial and
      positive for REFR. I
      don't see how anyone could
      interpret it any other way. >>

      If there's a
      way they can deny the magnitude or minimize the
      import of the recent announcement they will. Just read
      through some of their posts. My personal favorite is
      Thyraud's concern that the sun roof didn't darken quickly
      enough. My guy at the meeting said it was in seconds if
      even that.

      We're stuck with this mixed blessing
      for awhile. They have too much at stake not to try to
      refute any good news. At least we can buy shares cheaply
      -- that is the blessing.


      • 1 Reply to N_Dixon
      • Well we certainly have a diversity of opinions
        expressed. I think REFR is a strong buy. even if you are the
        most pessimistic of the bunch and think a product
        won't be out for two years it is STILL a STRONG BUY.
        The upside is HUGE!!!!

        I have yet to decipher
        what Rick, Thyraud, Hemphands believe. They say "we're
        long" but what do they want us to make of their
        concerns? Rick says he'll add to his position under $10. If
        we're getting a product anything under $20 is cheap.
        Why wait? Stock is near lows right now. but, hey, he
        is planning on buying based on what he

        Thyraud says he remains long but then he was the one who
        thought there were 2 Hankuks. He said this when Merrill
        recommended Hankuk as a buy. I guess he just couldn't believe
        that it could be OUR Hankuk or maybe he just wanted to
        paint a bad light on what was good news. That's so
        unlike him! Even so he's not selling right now

        Hemphands can't let go of the past. But even he says
        "greed" has kept him aboard. As much as he detests
        management even he can see that selling would be ridiculous
        with this type of upside potential.

        So, in a
        way, I guess that's a BUY recommendation from all of
        us. We may say it in different ways but bottom line,
        we're just all one happy REFR family.

        market makes strange bedfellows."



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