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  • umby98 umby98 Jun 12, 1998 12:10 PM Flag

    There will always be naysayers

    Regardless of what happens in regard to RFI,
    there will always be bashers to contend with for
    whatever agenda they're trying to push (short sellers,
    malcontent shareholders, competitors). It is obvious that
    the latest developments prove RFI has overcome MAJOR,
    recently,and negativity abounds. We are witnessing all this
    negative dialogue while still in the developmental stage.
    We've now progressed to statements like "the glass
    didn't change color fast enough" (I wonder if Intel was
    strongly criticized when their early chips weren't fast
    enough). And I expect we will hear "They can't produce the
    film in large enough quantities", "The goggles aren't
    pretty", "The glass panel didn't hold up well through the
    hurricane" and so on. Those of us who look on the bright
    side will interpret these comments for what they are

    ND, I admire your tenacity in defending the company.
    However, if the less knowledgeable investors are still
    getting spooked by all the BS on this thread and allowing
    that BS to outweigh all the real positive news, well ,
    then frankly I think they should sell their positions
    and quit crying. You have gone well beyond reasonable
    means to uncover the dubious posts. If somebody is
    unwilling to do at least a little work, then they don't
    deserve to enjoy the benefits when they do

    To the people who posted about getting really burned
    with this stock, how did that happen? I can see if you
    had to sell recently you could have lost some money,
    but really burned? That usually happens when a
    company files bankruptcy or something similar causing the
    stock to trade in fractions. This has not been the case
    here. If you got really burned with this one, maybe you
    need to rethink your investment strategies.

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