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  • aa11199899 aa11199899 Mar 19, 2000 11:34 AM Flag

    Here we go rich?

    You will playing this one at alot higher prices.
    Those here who accumulated & held now have 5000-10,000 & above can you aford that?
    Do more DD & you will see the best way to go!

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    • I haven't gotten the return yet Gary. I expect
      the stock to be in triple digits this year and split
      and go higher in the next 5 years.

      No messy
      Schedule Ds, no paying Uncle Sam. Just sit back and enjoy
      the ride.

      REFR's just at the beginning.

      Good luck with your dart tossing.

    • hardcore_conservative hardcore_conservative Mar 20, 2000 12:21 AM Flag

      Nice try at reverse psychology.

    • I can't wait for the market to open. I think REFR
      has turned it around with that huge runup on Friday.
      Probably be back at $40 by this week. And $75 by April. I
      would be nuts to sell now. No way it can go lower. I
      don't care what the chart looks like. It's up up and
      away. GO REFR
      SAXE is the MAN! SLAP

    • Do you know? And, of what greater commercial
      value is it that the windows would not totally darken?
      It seems that St Gobain has made the decision to go
      with the translucent to clear concept. (still seems
      like an infringement on a patent to me) So---are we
      out of luck and did the market just circumvent REFR?

    • <EOM>

    • One of the points to my investing relies on the
      fact that there are many, many stocks that can earn me
      a nice profit. Another point is not to become
      emotionally attached to a stock. I don't chase after
      something I missed up or down. I base my decisions, mostly
      :) on the market.
      It should not take long to
      discover where REFR is going short term.

      I will
      make note of your post and will refer to it latter
      this week. Right now my plan is:

      *Monday sell
      limit @ $25.50; recalculate if breaks

      *Tuesday (if above not met): sell limit @ $25.75;
      recalculate @ $28.75.

      • 1 Reply to here_we_go_rich
      • I also trade, margin & various other
        REFR is a acum & hold stock because of the
        Light volume.
        No earnings.
        No rev's.
        overall acceptance by the market.

        This in itself makes REFR a poor trading
        With DD a picture arises out of this little stock that
        could rival anything out there.
        So when I was accum
        in single digits (I am a over 10,000 share
        holder)the traders shorts were making their thousands, while
        I made my 100 's of thousands.Of coarse now the
        shorts took a beating & the early trader's missed

        My opinion is that you might make out next
        The fowlowing week you will miss the boat 80% chance.

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