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  • dmw53711 dmw53711 Mar 19, 2000 10:55 PM Flag

    Here we go rich?

    Wow! Congratulations on finding this
    advertisement. Since St. Gobain was formerly a licensee, do you
    think their privacy glass is based upon the REFR film?
    The description of the product and how it works
    describes the use of a liquid crystal film that disperses
    light and then lets it through. It sounds exactly like
    REFR film. What do you think? If it is not REFR film,
    then I would assume that there will be one heck of a
    patent battle. Also, how long has St. Gobain had this
    product and this ad? Has anyone called them to find out
    if this is REFR film?

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    • >>It sounds exactly like REFR
      No, it doesn't. Sorry. This is no SPD film but a
      different animal. Check the site again and have fun
      switching the photos on and off. What do you see? These
      windows don't darken! Clear to translucent, not light to

    • hardcore_conservative hardcore_conservative Mar 20, 2000 12:15 AM Flag

      The concept of smart windows is neat even in
      Liquid Crystal windows. I saw a LC window in the movie
      True Lies with Arnold Swartzenegar. It was at a super
      high-tech office of a spy organization. I guess James
      Cameron thinks they're neat and futuristic. The question
      is what technology is better for most applications
      LC or SPD? LC disperses light SPD blocks it. When LC
      is in privacy mode you can't see squat through it
      while at the same time it is not reducing the amount of
      light coming in to a large degree. So I would imagine
      that if the sun is too bright you would have to turn
      your LC window to the clear mode and still have a
      venetian blind to see outside. A ventian blind often
      blocks 50% up to 100% of the outside view. An SPD window
      will enable a person to dim the intense sunlight
      coming at you and still enable you to see objects
      outside, LC doesn't. That is a killer difference.

    • Website click on current licensees.There the last one listed.

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