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  • thomasp2a thomasp2a Sep 26, 2007 10:20 AM Flag

    Any help would be appreciated

    Does anyone know who David Kurzman is? Rumor has it he is one of the largest holders of AMSC on the short side - he sees this stock going to 10 - For the record I believe he is crazy to hold this short

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    • First of all I am not a paid basher... second of all I think this stock has more potential than just about any stock I have ever seen... I am a long term holder... period... y

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      • In fact I am utterly disgusted by the slimes who say that I am paid to disgrace this stock... first and foremost anyone who is worried about a paid basher threatening their little stock should not be owning the stock in the first place... secondly you said something about a six pack for my hard work... I do like beer and yes a good six pack would be appreciated... you are a a very pathetic stock holder to be worried about someone on message boards... if you buy stock and are worried... god get a life... actually I did have a source that told me about this... who gives a sh.... really.... I thought this might be common knowledge... and no I do no how to google someones name... you bleeping idi... but please give me the courtesy and the respect of asking a question... for gods sake ... family members of mine own this stock... due to my recommendation.... no I am trying to do some due diligence... with the help of you paranoid freaks... I am excluding the one nice guy who actually took the time to tell me that this guy has been negative for years... great that is all I needed... god this world is soooooo god damn paranoid ... it seriously makes me ill... this is a very very good board... you guys are very very knowledgable... except for some really pathetic losers... yes there are bashers... but you know what get a life as if the pope or even jesus christ himself tells you to sell you have the heart and soul and intelligence to say I like this stock and the story will play out... god I hope this loser who said he had to go play golf shot a 150;;; (believe my golf game is waaaaay better than yours )... that is about the level that you like to play... althought in this case it is true....ok i will calm down... but if one can not come to a board with something... maybe fictitious news and get what I got... it is beyond pathetic... look hard and long at yourself... I am going to make alot of money on this stock ... and no I will not be stupid enough to put myself on the line again... by the way for the nice guy who took the time to write back to me asking me where I got the info... thanks and after hearing he has been negative for years... i could not care... because i think this is a moot point...

    • Kurzman used to work for one of the brokerage houses a few years ago...I think it was Needham but I'm not 100% positive about that. He has since gone out on his own as an independent analyst with no ties to any brokers/bankers.

      Doesn't surprise a bit that he would be short AMSC. He was a big fan of IGC/SP and favored SP's 2G roadmap over AMSC's. He was consistently saying AMSC was a dog and overvalued for years.

      He had a pretty decent track record as an analyst from what I remember. One of the few who would actually issue 'sell' recommendations. Quite honestly, a few months ago I would have probably more or less agreed with him but the rate at which the non-HTS orders are coming in and the way the stock price has held up I have changed my opinion. I'm not a chart guru but this looks to me like some very healthy consolidation in the $17-19 range. I suspect that once this has run it's course the volume will return and it will be back into the low to mid $20's. I was anticipating that to start happening in the next 3-4 weeks but it may be kicking off as early as today.

      I'm curious as to where you heard the rumor. If you can share that info I would be interested.


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      • Latest short information via

        Date Short Int Avg Volume Days to Cover
        Sep. 14, 2007 6,027,220 573,993 10.50
        Aug. 15, 2007 6,335,008 1,079,698 5.87
        Jul. 13, 2007 6,619,550 626,787 10.56
        Jun. 15, 2007 6,405,925 578,663 11.07
        May. 15, 2007 6,437,769 254,522 25.29
        Apr. 13, 2007 5,949,278 380,251 15.65
        Mar. 15, 2007 6,218,376 390,580 15.92
        Feb. 15, 2007 5,265,423 179,582 29.32
        Jan. 12, 2007 4,709,197 274,197 17.17
        Dec. 15, 2006 4,434,077 253,191 17.51
        Nov. 15, 2006 3,924,188 190,958 20.55
        Oct. 13, 2006 4,038,166 206,760 19.53

        I was a bit surprised to see the short interest decline given the bigger move downward. I guess there were enough buyers willing to take gains to let some of the shorts cover without driving up the price. However I don't think the rest of the 6 million shares are going to get out so easily. Just my take.

    • David Kurzman is thmanaging partner of Kurzman Clean Tech, a hedge fund investing in clean tech companies. He covers alternative energy for Needham & Co. I would be surprised if he was short on AMSC. I just googled his name and there is a lot of info on him if you are interested.

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