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  • jh123456789123456789 jh123456789123456789 Jun 16, 2008 1:47 PM Flag

    SEC Investigation of AMSC

    Once Citron Research finds fraud it will push for an SEC investigation if the company does not come clean. Once the investigation is announced the stock is done.

    Don't believe it? Look at the stocks Citron has reported on:
    HSOA (now a Pink Sheet), BIDZ, BWTR, RMDX

    AMSC can come clean or standby for an investigation. Either way this stock is in trouble.

    Insiders have unloaded:

    Short interest is increasing for a reason:

    "American Superconductor - You Have To Read it To Believe It!!!

    "The company has now crossed the line to ridiculous. They have taken a small customer in Sinovel and added so much nonsense that they have subtracted any corporate credibility that is still left from a company that has done nothing but burn through investors money. It is our opinion that anyone on Wall Street would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to realize the complete lunacy of American Superconductor’s most recent press release."

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    • Hey doofus...stop with this crap.

      I watched a sap named Manuel Asenesio publish "research reports" about Poymedica, Inc.( PLMD ) alleging all kinds of shenanigans re accounting practices, billing practices, and press releases; just like Citron.

      In addition, between insitutional ownership and reported short interest, 127% of PLMD's float was in play (because many or the shorts were naked shorts).

      Bottom line: Merck bought PLMD for $53 proving Asenasio and the shorts were A) liars and B) fools subject to HUGE loses.

      Citron and his followers will be subject to the same fate.

    • This is so contemptibly stupid that it probably shouldn't be dignified with a response. Short manipulator Citron and its boiler room allies (not working so great this time huh?)haven't presented one item that would lead to an SEC investigation, just innuendo, misdirection, and distortion of facts. AMSC senior employees are on stock sale plans as their options come due, with no control after when the sale is triggered, whether is 40 dollars or 14 dollars or 140 dollars. The darkly mysterious question of who supplies components like gearboxes was amply answered at the recent Weisel analyst conference, and not one real analyst concurs with the admitted shortseller and fake "analyst" Citron.

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