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  • nasdancer nasdancer Mar 6, 2010 1:10 PM Flag

    Why such a large short interest in AMSC ?

    American Superconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:AMSC) has the 4th highest short interest in this segment of the market. Its short interest is 22.8% of its total shares outstanding. Its Days to Cover is 5.33, calculated as current short interest divided by average daily volume.

    Bought in recently @ 28.20 and I am new to this company due to their technology. Hopefully a long... any reasons not to be?

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    • {We are loosing our butts in 'superconducting wire', 'superconducting motors' and every other science project they have undertaken!}

      Do you have another hts company you want us to judge yurek's management with or not?

      This refrain, that AMSC has bad management, I haven't heard much of since shortly after IMGC was sold.

      Yes, I recall when AMSC predicted that $100 Million in revenue would be profitable. The fact is that they now are profitable and have been Trailing Twelve Months. What was said 5 years ago has no relevance whatsoever, IMO with management performance over those past 5 years.

      They are in the black today, growing fast, and they still carry the all the promise that HTS superconductor technology has to offer for the future. Again, I challenge you to name any HTS company for an honest comparison. Sumitomo? SuperPower, Zenergy? Bruker? Which one is making more money than AMSC on HTS technology? I really don't know for sure, but since you are the one bashing AMSC about superconducting technology development, you can surely tell us why AMSC is doing poorly in relation to the industry. I am always ready and willing to invest in other HTS companies. You don't need to stomp on AMSC management to get my attention. I'm all ears toward other possibilities for hts investing.

    • Because we know it's a giant b/s fraud bubble. We've lent you all the shares to pump-n-dump to your heart's content. Now we want those shares back, but we don't want to pay $30 ourselves...not even $16. We know what this turd is really worth...single digit at best.


    • Tech_watcher-

      If you look at this CHART, it seems pretty obvious where the BOTTOM was, and the direction it seems to be going in:

      I had 25% of my original position and I was happy with that (in at $11.10). But I couldn't resist the BARGAINS I was being presented with, so I had to BUY MORE and screw up my basis. Now I'm UP to 60% of my original position with a $22 basis. Those new shares will be nice to sell in the $40's and $50's.

    • BD,
      You are looking at the correct valuation for AMSC's stage of life. The market is looking ahead at AMSC's future earnings potential & rewarding the stock price accordingly.

      NEWGUY is looking at current earnings & wondering "why isn't it more?" as if 75% gain in the stock price isn't enough. I don't think it's enough either - I want to see it repeat again for another year or two.

    • {I say management should keep up the good work.}

      Nothing to add to your comments techobserver1, I agree

      Trashing such an obviously fine management team is very silly to say the least, IMO.

    • NEWGUY-
      I like people to have the "courage of their convictions". So, you disliked AMSC in January of 2009 but you liked GE. So, let's see what would have happened if you sold 100 shares of AMSC and bought 100 shares of GE.

      So, if you sold AMSC on January 20, 2009 you would have gotten $17.19:

      20-Jan-09 17.54 17.70 16.80 17.19 929,600 17.19
      16-Jan-09 17.50 17.76 16.17 17.18 1,280,000 17.18

      Now, you seem to like General Electric. On January 20, 2009 it was trading for $12.23:

      20-Jan-09 13.95 14.09 12.80 12.93 118,771,800 12.23

      So, lets see how you would have done! GE is NOW trading at $16.30. That's a 33% GAIN.

      AMSC is trading at $30. That's a 75% GAIN. Now, why are you B!tching?

    • I still own a small long position that was purchased several years ago. At the current quote, I have a nice gain in the position. However, I have, and continue, to take issue with the overall performance of the business management based on the huge growth and limited profitability of the company. I find it strange that there is always a significant 'piling-on' any post that takes issue with the lack of performance? As 'bdmacg' has pointed out, I have been consistant in my critism of AMSC.

    • Newguy, if you want to try and trash management performance please bring a small bit of intellect to the discussion.

      1. AMSC's growth and profitability are a complete result of Management's decision to purchase Windtec and change business models. As far as I can tell there was no outside pressure or interest group saying "Hey you guys are not focusing on this huge opportunity!"

      2. AMSC's management got some criticism for doing a secondary offering at $18.25. In retrospect this was right before the financial markets went into a huge dive where there is no way they would have been able to raise that kind of money at the terms they were able to get. Having such a huge amount of cash on the balance sheet and ZERO debt was the right call to weather the storm that could have easily bankrupted a company that is still spending a significant amount of money on R&D. One could argue that current shareholders would have been better off with fewer shares outstanding. However that is only easy to say when we are sitting pretty at ~$30/share and have come through the great recession without any noticable slowdown in sales. That whole Risk/Reward thing says its much better to have cash when the times get tough and management deserves all the credit for that.

      3. Yes the HTS business loses money but not forever. These products / projects have a VERY long lead time and the energy / utility business is extremely conservative. The fact that serious money is behind projects like Tres Amigas shows the fruit of the investments made many years ago to get 1G projects actually build and "proven" to work out the kinks. When the president of the United States mentions your company by name in a speech on exports from America and growth that is a bery big endorsement.

      I say management should keep up the good work. If you don't like them fine, sell shares you own or go short. I think the short bets are ultimately going to take a beating but hey, it is still a free country.

    • "Yurek's compensation over the years has exceeded the total income credited to the stockholders."

      AMSC has only been cash positive for about a year, so your comparison is not valid.

      " many decades is this going to be a 'startup' company? We are loosing our butts in 'superconducting wire', 'superconducting motors' and every other science project they have undertaken!"

      Actually, I think they've done an excellent job of changing/expanding focus in order to take advantage of opportunities as they opened up. Lesser management would have gone belly-up. The corporate graveyard is littered with lots of startups that couldn't adapt. And lets not forget that those "science projects" are still a viable part of potential growth business opportunities.

      If you're uncomfortable with a company that specializes in new technology portfolio development, perhaps you should be investing in mature comodity businesses instead.

    • NEWGUY-

      So, do you still own AMSC? This is what you said last year. So, WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING US? You DON'T LIKE the company, you money should be invested ELSEWHERE. One of your FAVES, GENERAL ELECTRIC, makes wind turbines. Stick with them. If you would have sold AMSC last year and bought more GE, you would have done much better. I hate WHINERS!

      PS. I bought GE in March 2009 and made 25% IN ONE WEEK. Now I'm back to trading AMSC:

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