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  • archarch_60477 archarch_60477 Dec 7, 2012 9:17 AM Flag

    if Dejan Karabesevic was sent to jail for for stealing trade secrets how can sinovel be inocent

    anyone with an opinion

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    • Why take this case to the Chinese Court? Wouldn't it be more logical to take this to an American Court? I mean, if I buy a car from a dealer abroad, where would I stand trial if I gratefully accept the car, drive home and don't pay? I can't imagine that AMSC didn't think of that one...

      What i would like to now, apart from the Sinovel case, why is Kevin Douglas still bying? Imo he must know 'a sure thing' we don't know...

      Anyone with an opinion on that?

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    • Sinovel is guilty, the courts are guilty and the Chinese government is guilty for condoning unfair trade and corporate corruption.

      Already companies are moving back to the USA and consumers are wising up to the crooked Chinese business sector and demanding made in America products. This movement is just starting and will pick up a head of steam if AMSC loses because the whole world is following this lawsuit and its outcome.

    • the question is not, if sinovel is inocent. the question is, if it's illegal after chinese law. i am not an expert in chinese law, but i've read an article by some chinese professor that stealing trade secrets is not forbidden by law in china. and i've also heard that everything that might be "in interest of the chinese people and the chinese nation" makes illegal things legal. this is not my opinion. and i am not sure if it's true or not, but china's legal system certainly cannot be compared with western systems and stanards. also chinese thinking is different. (somone told me that in western countries a contract is the end of negotiations - in china it's the beginning of negotiations)
      don't expect a trial with western standards. and don't expect, if amsc wins the legal battle they will automatically see some money afterwards. at least i would never bet on that...

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