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  • lafeet333 lafeet333 Feb 19, 2013 5:36 PM Flag


    The letter from Governor Jay Inslee to AMSC begs the question; Why.

    Could it be Terra Power?

    Look who is the face of Terra Power when you find it's web page which yahoo in all it's wisdom will not let me spell out.

    TerraPower, LLC
    330 120th Ave NE, Suite 100
    Bellevue, WA 98005

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    • I beg you: Why?

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      • {I beg you: Why?}

        I asked you first but jsut for suppose;

        The Terra Power reactors are many years down the road so any supposition alojng the line of Terra Power and AMSC is forward looking. I also disclaim that this is anything more than speculation on my part. I am just wondering. that is why I posted the question. In other words this is still a question and this speculation is in no way shape or form an answer to the question that is begging an answer. Why?

        The Governor wants to build a new energy economy. Bill Gates wants to develop breeder reactor nuclear technology.

        Nuclear technology is in competition with many other energy production methods and there is a strong anti-nuclear faction. One of the issues for Terra Power is transmission. Bill Gates power generators are GigaWatt scale. Where ever they put them they will most likely need transmission upgrades. Of course the transmission GRID will be enhanced with or without Terra Power and with or without nuclear, but it doesn't work the other way around. Terra Power needs a GRID overhaul. There are other conceptions of a future GRID that do not require a complete overhaul of the GRID. California, for instance is inclining toward distributed generation, or more localized generation.

        What to with the GRID is going to be a political hot potato in the near term. The transmission corridor national GRID plan presented by the DOE last year was shot down by the ninth district court and East Coast offshore wind interests.

        Regardless of whether or not Terra Power, Bill Gates, or nuclear win in the court of public opinion or political areana, AMSC and hts products will play an important roll in anyone's conception of the future GRID. It just turns out that Bill Gates and Terra Power needs them (wants them) more urgently.

        This is one of an infinite number of possibilities in answer to the question Why Washington?

        .................The Seattle Times’ Jim Brunner confirmed the identity of the company through a public records request. While Inslee hadn’t previously identified the company, it might have been apparent to attendees at last week’s Washington Clean Technology Alliance policy conference in Seattle, where the governor boasted of writing the note to “a company that does a superconducting technology for transmission systems” as his first official act as governor................

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