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  • stoolsam29 stoolsam29 Aug 21, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    Any AMSC shares in a type (2) account are

    available for shorting purposes! Reading a lot of conjecture on this board about "shorting" and I don't think most of you understand how it works. (((ALL))) shares in any "type (2)" or margin account can be borrowed and or swapped from house to house for shorting purposes. The best thing to do would be for (((ALL))) longs to journal their stock to Type (1) or a cash account but that will never happen. It's a racket!!!! Basically, any buy that occurs in a type (2) account adds liquidity for the shorts. The only way to turn the ship is going to be hardcore fundamental (good) news which I believe is on the horizon according to the Weekly chart. The daily chart is not worth paying attention to any longer! Means nothing. My time horizon went from mid August to late September now.....oh hum and wait!

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    • I have heard that if you bid to sell your shares at a very high price you won't sell them but they can't be borrowed. You don't have to let your shares be borrowed if you have a margin account, I believe.

    • Well shorts have to cover at some point to make money... Let them short it more... That will just make the spike higher

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    • I think, in a lot of cases, hedge funds interested in shorting a significant volume of shares in a stock can't get them just from margin accounts. Hence the "happy meal" deals and other tricks of the trade. As long as the big boys come up with these creative schemes within the law, limiting your shares to non-margin accounts isn't going to make much of a difference, imo.

      But go for it, if you think it will help. On my part, I honestly do not even have a margin account. Been there, done that, and feel lucky that I ended up slightly ahead instead of losing my shirt (which was quite possible). I ain't going there again.

      good luck

    • This is why Grump thanks us (sucker rally's) because even though the volume is huge as a result of buying interest it merely allows the shorts to short more; hence big up days on high volume then the short painful slide back down. The final short squeeze is organic buying interest will send us well over $4 but there isn't any impetus for the pinch yet!

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      • yup, time is the problem for longs because cash burn is withering this company up. The company isn't making a dime, not a dime a share, but just one thin dime.
        Take your first aid kit to the annual meeting and pitch a dime on the floor and you'll make more money mending all the scratches and bruises than you will holding the stock.

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