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  • grump430 grump430 Aug 27, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    get ready

    stoolsam sees an inverted h&s bottom reversal on the chart, so do I. I'm considering going long. The company is still a rag-bag money loser but if I like this chart pattern, there's money to be made here, so get ready. The right shoulder to the neckline to the target would be some good coin if one has the t.a. and trading skills! We'll watch it for a while first.
    This company needs cash to survive.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • At $2.38 amsc is just slightly below XZU on the one year chart, and almost exactly even with XAU on the 6 month chart.

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      • Lafeet XAU and AMSC have not been tracking each other for the whole month of August. I get what you're saying and it makes some sense however, if AMSC was tracking XAU we'd be sitting comfortably on top of the 50dma right now therefore, the comparison isn't worth making. AMSC (the stock not the Co....-two different things) is in a waiting period! In other words, it's not going to track anything anymore while it awaits some positive news. Just look at the's asleep!

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    • Grump, just for the record, I have always agreed AMSC was a good short but never at the $2.60 level (my entry) with the kind of potential news out there and the current political conditions. The TA associated with AMSC didn't make any sense given the pathetic fundamental condition it's in which told me LONG was the way to go. .20 - .30 short swings are careless here! Good for you if you banked the last few months but it can open 100 - 200% higher on any given day! It's essentially been moving sideways for 2 qtrs and exceeding street estimates with a lawsuit likely to be in their favor in excess of $100mil. What happens (((if))) AMSC gets $100mil infusion and continues to beat estimates???? Stock will triple fast. Just look at the weekly! Writing is on the wall. Soon! Very soon!

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    • OK Grump,
      And, with all due respect to you, for you have been " more right" than anyone else on this board.........
      And, I have always had a Strong Disagreement with all of your "Smoke and Mirrors" approach to this company.......
      But, I still find your "Analysis" interesting............................................
      So, why the post tonight??????
      Would you believe that just minutes prior to you posting, coming from a completely different direction, I decided to increase my position BIG TIME, and as I just stated, from a completely different perspective.
      This recent Chinese court decision in favor of an American company, imo, is BIG, BIG, NEWS.
      It confirms to me that these Folks just might be bending to some type of pressure, albeit US trade pressures, common sense, or whatever.
      This to me is much bigger than all of your Charts.
      Much bigger to me than all your H & S crapola ( please scuze da phrase... but I am just not a chartist or techncal kind of guy)
      But, Hey, for whatever reasons the astrologers might decide............................
      We're on the SAME PAGE for a least a trade or 2.
      Good Luck there Ole Feller!
      And thanks for the tip on GLD. Made some money there.

      • 1 Reply to dapperdan064
      • Just thought I would explain my thanks to Grump on his GLD suggestion.....

        Grumps advised me when I asked on 6/27 to buy GLD, so I thought I'd give his suggestion a chance. GLD on 6/27 was $ 115.94. Today it closed at $136.75.

        Not bad there Grump!!!

        Now Grump, knowen houze you really don't want to give advise to your adversaries............
        Hey, jes tween us "Friends" ........................................
        Do you really think that AMSC is the near term trade?
        Thanks, and especially thanks for the GLD suggestion.

    • Grump: Be sure to tell us when you do take a position.
      Usually you only tell us after you have made your gain ( or not :))


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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