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  • pjnj_happy pjnj_happy Nov 13, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    What Is The Latest News on Lawsuits Agains Chinese Crooks ?

    Anyone with latest info ? Please post, thank you !!!

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    • MAGAHN has been talking about law suit and navy contracts forever and nada, what has obama admininistration done for law suit?

    • My take is now that the US Government is involved there will be less chance of AMSC ever making any money back from SIN-EVIL. Chinese government can't be seem losing face to the Americans- so the courts will never say anything about the case anymore and let it drag on for years. I suppose the upside is that AMSC does not have to thor anymore more money (legal costs) at the case if the US government is handling

      About the only hope is the US is #$%$ off enough to throw some deals to AMSC (Navy De-gaussing) to keep them solvent so they don't lose face either and can say company is thriving even thougth Chinese stole form them.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • China is acting as if there is no lawsuit,time is on their side,amsc is loosing money every quarter so all they have to do is wait until amsc goes belly up.Amsc stated that the US gov. is now handling the case,as if that will make China tremble and give amsc whats due them.The lawsuit can be compared to a glass of spilt milk,you will never get it back.The only thing keeping interest in the stock was the lawsuit and as shareholders see it going on forever they are just taking their losses now and selling,even Douglass has stopped buying,thats the tell.Unless Amsc gets big orders soon or the US gov.throws them a bone the pps only can go one way down.

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