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  • amdtripledigits amdtripledigits Mar 25, 2014 2:17 PM Flag

    Fault current limiting technology can be embedded within power cable systems

    An FCL cable can be used to connect existing substations, enabling power sharing between regions. This is a compelling proposition for utilities in that it ensures system redundancy for critical urban infrastructure, increases system reliability, enables load sharing and mitigates power disruptions caused by environmental or human factors.

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    • Thank you Barrygeo for filling in the board buffoon about one potential use for hts cables.
      Just a few days ago you were the worlds biggest doofus for mentioning hts cables.
      Now he is parroting what you enlightened him about

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 2 Replies to lafeet333
      • Political PARANOID DOOFUS #2, It was Barry the butt boy, aka DOOFUS #1, that there were a lot of FCLs on the market, implying that AMSC had nothing different!

        YOU have been pumping AMSC so long it has turned you into a paranoid FREAK, who sees everything thru the lens of your distorted political agenda.

        YOU and Butt boy can try to twist and distort every FACT that is posted.

        YOU and Butt boy know NOTHING compared to a FERC commissioner.

        WIND and SOLAR become more EFFICIENT EVERY YEAR!!!

        Meanwhile the cost of Fossil fuels TREND HIGHER OVER the YEARS!

        WIND and SOLAR will REPLACE Fossil fuels and Nuclear!!

        GERMANY and JAPAN are already committed!

        More WIND benefits AMSC!

        More WIND and Solar require MORE GRID products, which BENEFITS AMSC!

        Butt boy focuses on bashing AMSC because Australia will have slower adoption of Wind and Solar because of a new MYOPIC govt... but the REST of the WORLD is moving FORWARD!

        Maybe you and Butt boy should move to Australia where you MORONIC FOSSIL HEADS can jerk each other off!!!

      • You've got it backwards, doofus #2. We are the small-minded being educated by a superior intelligence.
        good luck

    • Superconductor Fault Current Limiters

      The resistive SFCL from Nexans and AMSC is an ultrafast, automatic,
      reusable solution that does not restrict or impair the operation of the
      power system during normal operation, and limits fault currents
      starting with the first half-cycle peak.
      Resistive SFCLs have essentially zero insertion impedance under
      normal conditions, eliminating steady-state losses, voltage drop, and
      other negative system impacts associated with the introduction of
      steady-state impedance. During a fault, the system becomes highly
      resistive. The effect is an immediate reduction in fault current
      magnitude, including the first half-cycle peak. After the fault is
      cleared, the SFCL returns to service, ready for the next event.
      SFCLs allow for more secure and reliable grid operations

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