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  • amdtripledigits amdtripledigits Mar 26, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

    DOOFUSES: FOCUS on CURRENT REALITY: U.S. NAVY is close to CONTRACT for HTS technology with AMSC, UTILITIES RFQs for FCLs with HTS !!

    FOCUS on what is HAPPENING NOW!

    You boneheads have ZERO idea what will happen many years from now!

    The U.S. Military (NAVY plus Army) will be utilizing HTS!

    FCLs with HTS have much more ability than conventional FCLs, to NOT only PROTECT, but also STORE energy from massive surges.

    Lafeet (DOOFUS #2) is always pumping, and most of it is BS!
    Barry the butt boy,(DOOFUS #1) is always bashing, and most of it is BS!

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    • AMD, seems like a strange criticism coming from you, considering some of the bizarre topics you’ve introduced to this msg board (do you think amsc is now selling a product that will protect the U.S. from an EMP weapon developed by India?)

      Anyway, over the years, the discussion here has more often than not focused on an imagined distant future rather than on what’s happening at present. The reason is simple: what’s happening at present has usually been depressingly little (with the exception of amsc’s boom years with Sinovel) And that is the case today.

      To use your own example, a Navy degaussing cable and an in-grid cable project would be welcome, but by themselves they would not take amsc to profitability, according to amsc’s CEO. In the June 2013 conference call, the CEO spelled out specifically what needed to happen to achieve ongoing cash flow positive by March 2015. He divided it between amsc’s grid and wind segments. Cut and pasted:

      "... to achieve our revenue targets in the Grid segment, we need to do 3 things: one, continue to grow D-VAR sales in existing markets and implement those sales with further penetration into emerging markets; two, secure a large HTS cable system order; and three, deploy our ship protection system on a U.S. Navy combatant."

      "To achieve our revenue targets in the Wind segment, our 3 objectives are as follows: component sales to Inox, our partner that has publicly stated its plans to double shipments this year; this revenue from India will need to be supplemented by sales to our licensees in the Chinese market; and finally, all of this can be augmented by new demand from existing licensees."

      End quote.

      Current reality: DVAR business: thanks to Australia, sales have gone down rather than up.Wind: follow on order from Inox slow in coming, and India’s wind subsidy program may have hit a snag. Perhaps amsc’s Chinese licencees will pick up business, but the fact that amsc is downsizing their operation in China does not bide well

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      • Barry, HTS FCL's can protect a substation from a huge surge caused by an EMP. The articles were highlighting that many countries are developing EMP weapons.... Therefore, some countries may want to start building defenses. If only you could connect the dots.....

        The restructuring actions taken by AMSC LOWER their break even point by about $10 MILLION in annual revenues! $3 million in reduced costs, means a multiple of that in reduced revenues required to reach break even.

        What YOU do NOT know about is OPPORTUNITIES that will more than make up for a decline in revenues from Australia!

        So, in the meantime, it makes sense for AMSC to continue to GAIN efficiencies.....something that should have been MORE aggressively done a couple years ago!

        INOX is getting the orders!

        China needs more Wind energy if they are to win their "war" on pollution.

        WHY did HEIGHTS Capital swap their bonds for shares????

        WHY did they do it NOW, rather than wait, or do it earlier?

        WHAT do they KNOW, that YOU do NOT????

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