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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 12, 2012 5:34 PM Flag

    Here's where jeffklienfelter blowposted a $30 Million "mistake"

    Then when he realized what a terrible mistake it was-he had Yahoo erase it...then he shot himself in the other foot by denying he blowposted it at all!!! (Guess he never heard of the favorites function & I caught him in another lie!!)

    Re: feebles CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! 32 minutes ago Prove I posted that Congratulations Chester! I never posted that, honest!!!
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    But you did did!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! 9-Aug-11 04:32 pm Let's see what happens next! I'm one of the few that will admit when I'm wrong on my estimates. Still think this company is a house of cards, but obviously not right all the time. Good luck!

    Now, a note to Chester: You are very lucky the news was positive. NO ONE here was stupid enough to stand up and predict profits, prior to numbers release, like I was. Says a how stupid I am. gonna swim away...for now.
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    • I can see a guy making a small error for a few quarters; but A $30 MILLION BLOWPOST ABOUT JUST THE 2ND QUARTER??

      Remember your "Jeffey's going to rule the roost" and you telling someone to "grab their ankles"??? How does it feel grabbing your ankles while perched on a roost there little man??

      You sure are funny, huh??


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