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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 14, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    Lying short jeffklienfelter wants readers here to "trust him"?? I'm kid you not!!

    Watch this AXAS basher talk out of both sides of his mouth here......(& this blowpost of his now makes him 0-135 in the prediction/lie department!)

    For those that want to get out of ABRAXASLAND and BOOBSVILLE ..
    By jeffklienfelter . Nov 13, 2012 5:33 PM . Permalink
    TISA was served with baseless suit by MITEK. Suppressed shares temporarily. Do DD and see that much more potential for upside than mcstupid and Boob here.Stick with mcstupid and lose like he does or cut your losses and move forward. Trust me.

    "Trust me"? He says......(he just got done throwing TISA under the bus!!)

    Why I wouldn't buy TISA: 24-Aug-12 12:44 pm There is no future in giving companies a way to cut costs by making them more efficient with TIS technology. I see the future where companies hire more people and put tasks back in the hands of manual labor. And that RDC thing is just a fad....., free coffee! Just my 'two cents". Rating :
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    "Trust me"...he says? Here jeffey talks out of both sides of his mouth...TWICE!! One week earlier he posted this head scratcher...

    By jeffklienfelter . Aug 17, 2012 2:45 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
    TISA now going to give Mitek, tied up in litigation, a run for market share on mobile imaging! Zero debt, acquiring new clients consistently. Not a pump and dump. Offices world wide. New office in NY. It's the future. Companies looking for ways to cut costs and streamline.JMO. Disclosure
    I am VERY long in this company.

    klienfelter can't remember which lie he told & when he told it. I tracked TISA up untill 11/12 when it closed at $3.89....the problem is when he pumped TISA on 8/17 it was $4.15!!! He lost $.26 in that time; but he says you can "trust" him!!

    It only took jeffey a few hours to post his 1st lie under our bet and is now down $1.00 and his prediction/lie record is now 0-136!!



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    • Proving just how he "made $3000 shorting Ford" like he blowposted he did??? After his bizarre claim....

      I shorted FORD! Made 3k!! Proof?
      By jeffklienfelter . 3 days ago . Permalink
      Type in word, "dilemma", and "I LOVE FORD, economy sucks", in search i...
      Type in word, "dilemma", and "I LOVE FORD, economy sucks", in search in Ford board, if you even give a flip. I wouldn't.....(of couse you wouldn't little man...BECAUSE YOU LIED! AND BY NOW EVERYONE ON THIS MB KNOWS YOU LIED!)

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      There are no posts containing "dilemma, i love ford, economy sucks"

      Maybe you should try to explain this lie to all thereaders here diapers instead of laughing at sick children?

      Re: HEY MCMINCSTUPID.. 1 minute ago yeah! Poor kids at St. Judes!! Hahahaha!! Rating :
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