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  • jeffklienfelter jeffklienfelter Nov 17, 2012 11:02 AM Flag

    mcstupid keeps posting my lies?

    Focuses on my successful Ford short (a lie?) when firestorm here? Here's a small example of proof of what I posted at Ford, he claims I never did.

    I'm comfortable!
    By jeffklienfelter . Jun 19, 2012 3:42 PM . Permalink Go to topic

    I love FORD! Economy sucks. Will get worse. Euro collapse, banks fail, everything crashes!!! Got beer?


    Note this and find it?????????????????
    By jeffklienfelter . Jun 20, 2012 8:47 PM . Permalink

    Covert operation to bury reality of Ford dilemma with political rants? Nah...Just mental case(s) that post because this board is worthless?


    mcstupid is a time waster, liar and cancer here.Now, why bother proving his other #$%$ false? Pinocchio makes him look good.

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    • Show all of the readers here where either of those posts contain the parameters of this lie diapers (because you can't!!)

      I was hoping you'd spend some time disproving why you lied to all the readers on this MB when you authored...THIS???

      I shorted FORD! Made 3k!! Proof?
      By jeffklienfelter . 3 days ago . Permalink
      Type in word, "dilemma", and "I LOVE FORD, economy sucks", in search in Ford board, if you even give a flip. I wouldn't.......

      Of course "you wouldn't" & that's because YOU LIED...AGAIN!!!! & your next post offering "proof" was even a bigger LIE! Now the entire MB knows YOU'RE A LIAR (there's a big difference between "saying" a poster is a lier and "proving" a poster is a liar diapers-like I'm going to do to you...NOW!!

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      There are no posts containing "dilemma, i love ford, economy sucks"

      Your "proof" actually proves THAT YOU LIED...AGAIN!!

      Pretty funny,huh?
      Gotcha! AGain!


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