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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 17, 2012 4:24 PM Flag



    I shorted FORD! Made 3k!! Proof?
    By jeffklienfelter . 3 days ago . Permalink
    Type in word, "dilemma", and "I LOVE FORD, economy sucks", in search in Ford board, if you even give a flip. I wouldn't. (I know-this is a double dipper;buttoday jeffey changed his "dilemma,i love foord, economy sucks" parameter in an effort to disprove his lie! It didn't work diapers!

    Results from the Ford MB are "There are no posts containing "dilemma,economy sucks, i love Ford"


    I'll entertain you with semites Mickey.."Ford" and did I go long or short?
    By jeffklienfelter . 37 minutes ago . Permalink
    mcstupid lonely and losing $$$, so quickly to define terms for mcstupid:
    I used these words and terms:

    1. "Dilemma"; def: A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive.
    2. "Love Ford, but economy sucks" - Translation for mentally challenged: "Company good, market bad."
    Now, mcstupid keeps repeating I said those things in my posts, but needs proof that I shorted Ford? Hey mcstupid! Run around the corner and see if it's raining!!

    Why you blowposted that you "made $3000 shorting Ford"-that's answer #1 for you diapers & pretty easy! Now if you could just show all the readers on this MB where you could connect these dots..

    I shorted FORD! Made 3k!! Proof?
    By jeffklienfelter . 3 days ago . Permalink
    Type in word, "dilemma", and "I LOVE FORD, economy sucks", in search in Ford board, if you even give a flip. I wouldn't. (of course "you wouldn't" because you LIED AGAIN!!

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    There are no posts containing "dilemma, i love ford, economy sucks"

    Your "proof" actually proves THAT YOU LIED...AGAIN!!

    Pretty funny,huh?
    Gotcha! AGain!


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      Re: For those that want to get out of ABRAXASLAND and BOOBSVILLE ..
      By rollydolly . Nov 13, 2012 5:40 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
      When something is a scam it is only right to tell people. Worst part is this Mickey doesn't even give a good reason why he is here - he doesn't even give any facts to promote AXAS. I would say he's got mental issues. He just wants to fight not support AXAS. It will be bankrupt and ole Mickey will be here trying to pick a fight with himself....

      Nice try rolly/felter; but why do I have to "give any facts" why I'm invested here...& since 8/09 by the way. When I can sit back and pick off all the lies you tell! Oh, and proove i have mental issues? (because you can't...again!!


      By jeffklienfelter . Jun 13, 2011 2:25 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
      People have proved you a liar numerous times. You just ignore and keep repeating yourself. Enjoy your losses!! You're a liar and a idiot.

      No diapers, you just think "people have proved (me) a liar numerous times" If they had I would have written them a check for $200K like I've offered you to prove where I've ever lied here...You can't & every time you blowpost that I ANOTHER LIE..AGAIN!! And "enjoy your losses" keep forgetting I'm here since 8/09 (under $1) while you're a "seasoned investor that was burned here"!! OUCH!

      That was fun!!


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        RollyPolly posts today and gets caught lying...AGAIN (BY SOMEONE ELSE THIS TIME!)
        By mcminc33 . Nov 13, 2012 4:52 PM . Permalink
        Independent proof that RollyPolly is just another lying short amazingly just like klienfelter!!

        Re: Re: Re: bakken acreage
        By rollydolly . Nov 13, 2012 2:35 PM . Permalink
        No, i realize the locations they state - go back and look at AXAS filings from 2010-2011. At the time they said their working interest was 18% for all ND acres combined. Now it is less. That's a fact - they aren't going to make squat with low working interest. Now they are selling acreage? They won't have hardly anything left but the small working interest in the Bakken and a little Texas patch.
        Honestly - look at this thing drop. I can't make that up - I follow all Bakken companies closely.Re: Re: Re: bakken acreage

        WHENEVER LYING SHORTS BLOWPOST "tHAT'S FACT, HONESTLY, or I FOLLOW ALL BAKKEN COMPANIES CLOSELY", make sure you double check the message..I can't tell you how many times I caught these unscrupulous shorts Chris did here!!!

        By chris494847 . Nov 13, 2012 2:55 PM . Permalink
        Rollydolly - just checked your posts, You have been short this stock all along,
        You should not be spreading false information and saying "honestly". Maybe the SEC should look into you for spreading false rumors, shorty
        .This could be a case study and maybe AXAS should complain and demand an investigation on you - hint.

        Not only that blowpost, Rolly; but Chris caught you quoting stats from 2 years ago!!

        Every time you blowpost, you provide more ammo for me little guy! Keep up the good work!!
        GOTCHA!! AGAIN!!!

        #26 thru #33.. (felter blowposted these after "Black Tuesday" when AXAS skyrocketed $.72 !!!

        Fester Felter Fun! Jeffs lies from 10/10/2011 PART 2!
        By mcminc33 . Oct 15, 2011 2:25 AM . Permalink

        Yeah....I know! I needed 2 parts to squeeze them all in!!

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