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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 17, 2012 7:13 PM Flag

    LIES #65 THRU #80 KLINFELTER HAS BLOWPOSTED HERE (trying to steal you're investment)

    #65 thru #73...I like it better when I can find felters blowposts in bunches!

    KLEINCRAPPERS TOP 8 RECENT LIES....(MORE TO COME!) 2-Aug-11 03:58 pm 1)..Remember when Kleincrapper posted that AXAS was down 20% in 5 months...when it was actually down 6.95 %...HE LIED!

    2)..Remember when Kleincrapper said I posted 3183 times since December of 2010..he lied by over 2100 posts...HE LIED!

    3)..Remember jeffey posted that I "lost big" on my KOG/SSN deal? His proof was "I saw someone else post it here" and then he made up a blowpost similar to a copy and paste...that wasn't true...HE LIED!

    4)..Jeffey posted that "I am a proven liar" yet when I asked him to prove it...he couldn't...not even for $50K!!...HE LIED!

    5)..Kleincrapper posted that "I use aliases" yet when pressed for proof...he couldn't prove even 1 !! Not even for $50K...HE LIED!!

    6)..Kleingasser posted that I've "lost every bet & have not paid yet!!"..but when pressed for proof..couldn't come up with....wait....wait for it....anything...HE LIED!!

    7)..Jeffey posted that I couldn't come up with proof that rp called CPE a "turd"...I then came up with 3!!....HE LIED!

    8)..Pinocchio-Felter invented a "copy & paste" that I was supposed to have posted..and got caught red handed..HE LIED!


    Chester's only investment HERE!! I can..
    By jeffklienfelter . Jun 21, 2011 2:40 PM . Permalink
    Prove it!!!!! Which means heavy losses!!!

    Go ahead diapers & "prove it"...Bet you $200K you can't!!!

    Pretty funny, huh?

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