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  • mcminc33 mcminc33 Nov 21, 2012 1:53 AM Flag

    Jeffeys "untruths" #104-#110 !!!!!

    ROOF!! Mickey loses BIG !!KOG/SSN! 30-Jun-11 03:26 pm Here ya go Chester weasel FOUND IT!!

    Re: SOLD! 12-Dec 1, 2010 10:05 pm Sold all of my SSN shares at $1.18 and thinking about buying KOG by the end of this month. Gonna retry AXAS. naga you seem to know what is going on, what do you think?

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    This was during jeffeys age of discovery.....yep! He made the entire blowpost up! I call it "inventing" or making up posts I was suppossed to have authored; but didn't! Losers do this when they can't think of anything else to say! Check back to Dec 1,2010 for this Inventive post-it's not there; but you can look!!

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    • (L-105)
      Q2 REPORT: $13.2M in LOSSES!!! 52 minutes ago Anyone want to play? No cheating. Hedges count!!! Rating :
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      And he couldn't make himself stop....

      TAKE THIS TO THE BANK!! MARK IT!!! Q2 5-Jul-11 06:51 pm You all are just getting a little short covering now. When Q2 numbers hit and more losses (26m last 2 q's). You will be grabbing your ankles and Bob gonna give it to you again. Watch. Rating :
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      And he kept right on....

      Pssst..Hey Idiot.. 9-Aug-11 02:45 am $13.2m is more than 10m! Wanna read the post again? Hey idiot, "Full Metal Jacket" for you tomorrow afternoon. Just "lock and load", don't be afraid of your last stand. Set the table for me, Jeffy's gonna roost over the carnage!!! Rating :
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      How's your" roosting over the carnage" doing. diapers? A $30 Million 1 quarter!!!

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      • Re: sure 58 minutes ago Not that it matters, but why would I lie? I wasn't ready to cover! This company in deep sludge. Stated long ago I had 10k shares shorted @ $5.10 in May. (L-109)

        Even though I now currently have nothing invested here, I am going to continue exposing the lies told here by Chestermcminc(L-110) and his aliases(L-111). Why? Because it's the right thing to do... And.. a lot of us would like to see him suffer.

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        Hit 110 right on the button diapers!!...PLUS 1 The next lie/alias you can prove I told/use will be your 1st little fella; but you already knew that!!



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