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  • darswan27 darswan27 Feb 11, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    Lets Guess

    Since AXAS share price seems to have an inverse relationship to the price of oil lets guess what the share price would be if oil hits $100.00 per barrel. Maybe $2.00? Obviously there are some real sharp investors out there that know the higher the price of oil the less money AXAS will make. It's a shame I'm just an uninformed hick who still thinks when a commodity price goes up the producer of that commodity makes more money. So this hick is still buying. Sorry.

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    • Well Mr. Hick - maybe you're right but I think you're missing something. There's a lot more to the price of AXAS than the price of oil - the thing causing the inverse relationship is the #$%$ running the ship - Bob Watson. 'til he's gone.... Nothing is predictable.

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      • As I've stated here earlier, I think the Clintons are going to give Bob Watson untill the 2nd quarter financial report to get the share price to where they believe it should be-over $4......or at least heading that way. I still believe the information Ed P has published here reflects my sense of urgency on Bob's part. The November/December oil production numbers on certain wells mysteriousl doubled, in spite of an 18 day shut-in period on 1 well, that tells of an" opening of the spiggot". A decision that I believe is a direct answer to the Clinton Groups letter. I'm looking forward to the January oil production numbers to see if the increase in oil production continues.
        I am anxious to see if any one of Bob's detractors has the #$%$ to call in on the CC to voice their opinions to him directly. That would be say the least!

        just thinkin'


        P.S. please don't make me look up the 2 wells I referenced above. I will; but it's a pain...

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