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  • bagholder11 bagholder11 Jun 5, 2014 5:11 PM Flag

    any opinion on the "fix" yesterday?

    the stock tanked most of the day and came back a bit at the end. how many people will admit to getting shaken out of any of their shares due to this manipulation? i know there are the braggers/liars who will claim to have bought the weakness. however, technically, it did break below its 50 dma yesterday which must have scared someone.

    i stayed put. glad i didn't sell. wish i would have bought, but didn't really consider it for the reasons stated above.

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    • Investors are not shaken out from so called manipulation ... they sell out of fear due to the lack of understanding of what they are investing in and that macro and economic conditions control the market . What you call weakness in AXAS was an opportunity to buy. What caused the drop was uninformed investors panicking and selling or not taking advantage of the opportunity to buy. GLTU PRO

    • I bought some more, just could not pass up the Fire sale.

    • I'm hoping Bob ambushed Cannacorn who is an MM on AXAS stock .

    • I can't give you everyone's reasons for selling..every one has different goals, risk tolerance. I don't see a fix or any insider gaming...Poc even posted a list of the dates that monthly updates have been coming out and we were obviously due for one...pretty much like clock work. Despite some views...I would dispute ever saying AXAS wouldn't go below $4.75...I stated my gut instinct was telling me it was probably the last chance and and I don't believe anyone filled at $4.75 or less today. Now I was expecting good news from the presentation, the after hours update and the upgrade were just gravy. I did get my fill and I believe Tracey filled as well as a few others....had I not left for the afternoon..I could have done better but I missed the late dip as I just put in a limit order around noon. I tried to get my fill on Tuesday but never got it....sometimes one has to let conscience thought back-off and let the subconscious ( gut instinct ) make the decision. I had a very strong gut instinct acquired over years of experience screaming at me to buy...and I listened. I have taken some good bucks, and big fish by doing the same...trusting gut instinct....not wild thoughts...rather it's just a bunch of little brains cells that collectively ban together to get you to do the right thing. Now I don't know if Poc added....but Poc didn't make that post just to show he knows the calender...he knew as well as I did that the update was close ...real close. I just don't see a conspiracy...I just saw people wanting a rocket ride getting bored and leaving..right before fuse lighting time. JMHO GLTA

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      • Yes Great One,
        After being chastened by you for wanting to buy at $4.76 (when you had a $4.75 order), I allowed you to go first and I in turn bought at $4.71!! How was I to know that it would dip to an unbelievable low of $4.55???
        I like almost everything I see about this company and consequently believe in it. If we will all remember back not that long ago, there seemed to be an impenetrable ceiling around $3.40 or so. Hit and go back, hit and go back again! Who among us wishes that he hadn't bought more then? This $4.71 to Fivish or so is like that ceiling. When this stock goes to Six!, we will wish we had bought at $5.23!!!!
        I am not a big fish on this site but, AXAS may make me enough $$$ that I can grow up to be a "moderate" fish.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • I also want to add that I also posted that it was strange that the day before I couldn't get on Abraxas Web Site.
        Abraxas was probably uploading the Conference Presentation that had the new information.


        I bought more shares on the prior dip.

    • joeepowell Jun 5, 2014 7:18 PM Flag

      yes i was really worried about you guys. less than 24 hours ago most of you was ready to toss in the towel

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