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  • pocilujko pocilujko Jun 5, 2014 5:57 PM Flag

    Correction to Prior Posting

    This morning I was unable to use my Computer which has many Links to Sites which has basically all the Texas RRC information.

    Too bad I can post links:
    1. The Dutch #2 is approx. less than 1/10 of a mile from Dutch #1(not on same Pad. Dutch #2 had to be Shut-In due to closeness.
    The Dutch #3 & #4 Permits were apply for on May 9, 2014 but are still not approved.

    Looking at the Texas RRC GIS Map; the Dutch #3 and #4 Well are not on same Pad but are approx. 2/10 of a Mile from each other.
    Both Dutch #3 & #4 Well are also approx. 2/10 of a Mile from Dutch #2 and at least 3/10 of a Mile from Dutch #1.

    Opinion: Based on the Distance; I would say No Shut= In.

    I previously posted that the Grass Farms Unit #@ & #3 Well Permits were not approved.
    Sorry; The Grass Farm Unit Wells Permit were Approved way back on April 16; I got confused with the Dutch Wells.
    Getting Old & Senile.

    ED( I need a Diet Dr. Pepper)

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    • I switched from Diet Dr. Pepper to 7-Up Ten and did another review.
      The GIS Map from what I gather shows the location of where the lateral hole terminates and not where the Vertical drilling is located.
      The Dutch 3 3 & #4 Wells could be(most likely) on the same pad.

      ED (very sorry for confusion)

    • Thanks would be great if indeed they don't have to be shut in...but if it happens it's better than having a repeat of a few quarters back where a neighboring frac cost us a few million in costs and was an unsuccessful attempt. So hopefully neither has to be shut in or maybe just one. I also guess that if the Grass farms were permitted then they are most likely the south side...and they can drill Ribeye 3 wherever they want as far as I'm concerned..I just think proving the south would really get folks looking...eyebrows raised looking at Eye wells. Appreciate the follow-up. You know maybe that ED ( has something to do with drinking so much Diet Dr. Pepper ) they have Viagra and Cialis to help with ED....never heard of Dr.Pepper being a cure. :)

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      • Just a Note: Viagra is also the drug called Sildenafli which the Pulmonary M.D. put me on to treat Pulmonary Hypertension which prevent oxygen reaching the Blood stream.

        Also; I double checked to make sure the Texas RRC GIS Map shows the Lateral end point; I went to a Dual Lateral Well (A Vertical Well with two Laterals) and it showed two End points location approx. 2/10 of mile away from each other.
        I am now 99% sure that the Two Dutch Wells, #3 & #4 are from the sane pad.

        Based on how Abraxas drilled RIBEYE #1 & #2 there will be little or no shut-in:

        " On the company’s first two well pad at Jourdanton, Abraxas is currently drilling the lateral of the Ribeye 1H below 9,600 feet. Next, the company will drill the curve and lateral section of the Ribeye 2H before zipper fracking both wells at the same time"


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