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  • rdszute rdszute Jul 8, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    What happens if I do nothing?

    This stock is about 1% of my total portfolio. In the past, I have usually done nothing ( except when GM was bankrupt and ready to issue new stock- I was told my GM would be worthless with the new issue) and let the chips fall. I understand that if I do nothing with DEMBF, I will get the offering price in cash through a force-type buyout if the deal goes through and I did not participate previous to deadline. Does anybody see me losing my entire investment in any way with my logic? Sorry, to bother those that have a bigger stake than me. It just looks like this board has some sharp investors. Good investing to everyone. And thanks for all the informative posts.

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    • The company web site has a long missive on the whole deal. The gist of your issue is that any non tendered shares after the close will become shares in a new Dutch entity that will then be liquidated. You would wind up with exactly what you would have gotten to begin with with one big difference. That would be Dutch Taxes on the liquidation which be withheld up front. So at least for the USA shareholders there really isnt much choice but to take the $12.50 euros offer. This isnt a situation where if you hold out they will come to you with a sweetened offer. That wont happen.

      Right now the biggest negative here is a weakening Euro. In one month our cut is down about 70 cents in US dollars. At this point the chances of another offer is almost nil.I am not happy since I was in this for the long haul and think DE long term is worth way more than $12.50 Euros but I take the good with the not so good.
      In the end one way or another I made out very very well with Sara Lee

    • I am guessing that after the second offering,the stock will be taken off the public market and there will be no market for it, if you decide to sell it a some future point in time. I am guessing also after maybe several more attempts it would be considered abandoned property and would be turned over to your state's treasuer's office as abandoned property and be held there until someone claims it, and the cash. This is all speculation on my part. Maybe some others could give you a better explaination.

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