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  • alderson59 alderson59 Apr 16, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

    rtk boosters and supporters

    Watching this stock go from over $3.00 per share to under $2.00 one would wonder what the CEO is thinking. Or perhaps not. Ramsbottomsup is going to drive miss daisy right into the ground. Even with the 46 to 32 haircut that rnf has taken should show you there is no support. I look for RTK to go to a buck fifty before all is said and done. Even with all the cash and fame, when you have bozo the clown for a leader, stockholders loose faith. Onlt a resignation can turn this around. And he's to egotistical and arrogant to do the smart thing.

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    • tracey563 Apr 16, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

      i agree this is going under 1.50 there simply nobody buying and mgt seems to not want to support this,of course that big dividend in the fall should cushion things,what surprising is that i really did know hunt as a kid in barrington ri,he was really sharp and a decent football player,im just surprised at the lack of pr skills here.there is the real possibility that they are taking this private and the lower the better.

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