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  • allthingsironic allthingsironic Mar 31, 2003 6:35 AM Flag

    Re: Dear God help - reply to allthings

    Listen idiot, I simply posted the report. But I do think it is an outrage to request that our soldiers while trying to stay alive should be even thinking about King Georgie. Give me a freakin' break. You simpleton! .

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    • Only when dealing with fools such as yourself.

    • You are one smug ass.

    • You're entitled to your wrong opinion.

    • Your ignorance is appalling.

    • Oh, please. What has your pitiful little country contributed to mankind other than adding a little fruit to waffles? Do tell!

    • <<One can't analyse the world and the geo-political situation in black and white clich�s>>

      Geo-political situations may be grey, but as far as killing human beings is concerned, it is black and white. In all religion, killing human beings is immoral with one exception, to save lives. Therefore, there are only two circimstances under which you can justfiably kill someone else: (1) If X tries to kill you, you have the right to kill X to save yourself and (2) If X kills Y, you can justifiably kill X because the act will save Z. This war is immoral and wrong becuase neither holds. There is no grey about it.

      Saddam should have been removed when he was killing hundreds of thousands of his people in 80s and early nineties. But, at that time we were busy building his weapons and chemical factories, becuase he was serving our purpose in the region and Iraqi lives were nothing then. Now that he is no longer our useful tool, Saddam must go. Our heart now bleeds for Irqis, their suffering and repression.

    • << You are wasting your time. These guys aren't interested in facts, evidence, history, documents >>

      I know that it sometimes seems that way, but I am not ready to give up just yet. Three months ago I was a fairly typical American, content to live my life with little regard for how our government ran the world. But the more I've read and researched the more convinced I am that we are going dreadfully awry, in ways that will have horrible repurcussions throughout the country and world for decades to come. It's probably naive and idealistic, but I think we all share a responsibility to fight evil where we find it, in my case now by doing what little I can to combat the propaganda machine that is misleading the American people. True, not everyone will listen, but if I can wake even a few up from their hypnotic trance then all the time and abuse is worth it.

    • <<I don't judge you>>

      Yes you have. Your statements are blatantly judgemental, arrogant and down-putting. They serve only to cut off and impede discourse, not to forward or improve it.

      You're welcome to disagree and believe that I am wrong. Your especially welcome to so state. BUT you are NOT welcome to be degrading or insulting.

      <<One can't analyse the world and the geo-political situation in black and white clich�s, it's a lot more complicated than that.>>

      That's crap. Murder is murder. Self-defense is self-defense. Things are black and white a lot more than you and others would like to believe. It's because you (and others like you) don't want to admit you are wrong or living wrong (or that what you're doing is in anyway harmful to self or others) that you proclaim "there is no black and white, only shades of grey." That may make you feel better, and give you an excuse for what I would call immoral behavior (I'm not accusing you of anything here since I don't know a damn thing about you), but taken all the way, such thinking can be used to justify just about anything since then there would be no "right" nor "wrong". In fact, I bet Saddam and Hitler used the same "grey" thinking to justify their behaviors and acts. Come to think of it, if that is the way you really think, then what is your complaint about the current war in Iraq? From the US perspective it is "right" and "just", so who are you to question what the US does and call it "wrong" since it is all "grey". And who's to say what is right or what is wrong?

    • I don't judge you, I just don't agree with your opinions, not only because they are wrong, but also because they are poorly underbuild. One can't analyse the world and the geo-political situation in black and white clich�s, it's a lot more complicated than that.

    • You and others don't know anything about me.

      To claim that someone can't form a train of thought (simply because one disagees with the "facts" and or opinions presented) is to call someone an idiot and only serves to reveal a lack of judgement and a lack character of the one so claiming. It is mean spirited and hateful. Such persons should be banned from the face of the earth. They are the reason for so much stife, anguish and killing in this world. Perhaps they should be forced, for a time, to live under a regime such as Saddam's and the Taliban's.

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