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  • jimgundel jimgundel Jul 31, 2000 11:22 AM Flag

    Blood In The Water

    I�m a little guy that ended up getting caught in
    the CTRX slide. I�m not particularly a happy camper
    over it. I see a school of sharks offering to
    represent me in a class action suit. My questions are, 1.
    Should I bother? 2. Is there any advantage to be the
    lead plaintiff? 3. How do you pick a legal firm to go

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    • for more productive pursuits.. I feel your pain,
      but it will be years and you will see pennies on the
      dollor for your losses , and you will fill out alot of
      paperwork (endless)... The lawyers will see a big return
      for their accounts... This is part of investing..
      Your time is better spent doing better research,
      learning to use stops, and diversifying ... Hang in there
      we have all been thru this -- you will recover your
      loss in different areas if you are careful and do as

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      • in relation to ctxs.they will have their own
        catalysts that propel the stock higher when the time is
        right,nasdq has no bearing on ctrx,this is the market makers,
        and the big boys loading up for the score,what ctxs
        has in the pipeline, new ceo, expanding their
        tentacles to the larger businesses and enterprises, keeping
        ahead of msft, new vertigo line, building strong
        revenue base, wouldnt be surprised to see one of the big
        boys make an offer on this diamond in the rough, too
        good of a company to be hovering at these bargain
        basement prices, some one will swoop in soon. As for
        shorters, why waste your time to pick up maximum 1 pt on
        the downside, with all the risk of a quick burst
        which is so evident to take place real soon.

    • I would say not to join, these things take years
      to resolve and get closure. The amount you get, if
      any, will be nebulous compared to the lose you might
      take if you sell now. If you surveyed everyone who
      joined a similar class action I think you would find 90%
      would not do it again.

      good luck!

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      • Typically attorneys receive 40% of the settlement
        plus out of pocket expenses, before anything goes to

        So first they will cover their nut (how they make a
        living charging exhorbitant rates), then they will take
        40% of anything that is left over. If you think the
        suit is frivolous, they will spend money just keeping
        themselves busy until they get a real lawsuit to pursue. You
        will not see a penny.

        If it is for real, then
        there will be a settlement, in which case you will also
        see nothing, but maybe half a penny. Suits typically
        get settled out of court because it is cheaper for
        both parties. No side assumes responsibility, and the
        shareholder gets nothing, aside from

        Don't kid yourself. In my opinion, there have been no
        accounting improprieties, plus the company made money.
        Citrix is recognizing revenues over several quarters as
        opposed to immediately because of the change in
        licensing, and product mix is what is at issue

        Through mid May the sales information was good, because
        it reflected information through mid April, which
        was when the company had its conference call telling
        everyone that things were OK.

        In mid June when the
        company got data for the month of May, they had to revise
        estimates and warn the street, IMO.

        That is my
        opinion and interpretation only, based on what I have
        read. Due your own homeword prior to deciding whether
        to buy, hold or sell.

        I am long. Regards,

      • joined 50 class suites,didnt join one, better to
        keep this baby, my friend joined one ,he got $117.00
        for a 15k loss, hahaha that took 2 yrs. We got good
        news today and imo will close higher. Aloha ferrell

    • omshrimmahalakshmiyei omshrimmahalakshmiyei Jul 31, 2000 11:35 AM Flag

      by the time it reaches you, you ended up to Zero
      based on my experience. It takes more than three years
      to settle the case.
      This is based on my
      experience with the mobs out there.
      Good luck and happy

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      • I just got a claim from the lawyers who settled
        with ASND (Ascend Communications) for stock I
        purchased before 1997. The assholes (i mean lawyers)... get
        fees + 30% of the settlement ~4 mil. I as a
        shareholder get up to .04 cents. Yes folds that is $0.04 per
        share. Whoopee. Dem dar lawyers really contribute to
        their own wealth don't they. I don't think they have
        invented a word to really describe a lawyer.. they are all
        short of the true meaning. let me try

        scumbags, pukes, garbage, shit, politicians, thieves,
        devils, deviates, putrid, barf,
        ... like I said the
        word lawyer sums it all up... oh, I forgot wall street

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