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  • shwundur shwundur Jun 3, 2004 11:41 AM Flag

    we finaly got rid dontsellyet

    this whity gay is not longer here - so positive things r happand too .

    i want u to know that i keep now 100K

    do u hear it daivid ? - 1 0 0 K

    Robo stoped her loses - all of us red what our leader - Rafi Arvot - wrote : next q will be profitbale .

    this thing will be the gas in few days - robo is going up to 10$.

    i think that robo will make good money from now on.

    my english is bad - but i still think u can understand .

    whity white can kiss my S . i dont like this son of a bitch . im sure one day he will eat his hat . i heared he flew out from ben guryon university cause the headmaster dicided to get rid from all the homoes there.

    poor poor armor - i wish to u luck

    and to u - my friend builder - the wise man that know all about robo - one day i will invite u to my home with the son of a bitch VINETO from israel .


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    • You really think I care what an unemployed "ars" with 9 years of formal education, who has lost all his money in the stock market, thinks of me? If you don't shut up, I'l consider filing a complaint against you to the Israeli SEC for pumping ROBO. I have a very good connection there and can get your ass in jail just by quoting your posts on AOnline. Wanna try me?

      Everything you have ever said about me is a total and complete lie. EVERYTHING. Not 1 word is based upon truth. We have never met, talked on the phone, or corresponded, you don't know me in any way. You are a pathetic uneducated bum who gets his kicks in life from using bad language on the Internet, and tries to build his shattered ego by cursing others and building imaginary worlds for himself (about other people, about the companies he's invested in, about himself).

      The LIES you are spreading around about me are enough grounds for a lawsuit, but I'll prefer getting your ass in jail for pumping ROBO. My friend at the SEC will be more than glad to check into the matter and see what can be done, and I have at least 2 people from the AOnline board who will be glad to testify about your unstable, cruel and twisted character as well.

      Go back to your cave, caveman!


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      • You don't know crap or anyone at any SEC you big mouthed fool. You are the ultimate know it all except you are an inexperienced KID and nothing more. You talk like Warren Buffet takes your phone calls. Why did you bother coming back you FOOL?????????????????????

        Your opinions were always totally wrong. Report yourself to the SEC for starters kiddo. Just go away permanently, all you cause is trouble. Nothing like an ASS that is a namedropper. I know this guy, I have friends at here at there, everywhere. Need Sharon on the line, you can act like he'll meet you at the Mountain.

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