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  • pokercpa05 pokercpa05 Jul 12, 2007 3:36 PM Flag

    Why Not ?

    Hello -

    I've been following this fund for a little bit as I have been wanting to add an alternative energy fund to my portfolio. Does anyone have some pros/cos on this one?

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    • Pros: Smart guys who actually stick to their guns run this fund. They've done a remarkable job over the last few years. They started to heavily invest in foreign companies (at the will of the shareholders) and those investments have paid off handsomely two fold. Increase in shareholder value because those stocks have gone up, and the fall of the US dollar to world currencies.

      Cons; Refuse to invest in companies that are listed on the Bulletin Board (OTC) markets. They have missed a few shining stars such as AKNS.ob and VTKT.ob because of this. Another con is that they seem to be too heavily weighted into Alternative Energy. Refuse to invest in Nuclear Power (which is debatable on being "green") Of course, this heavy weighting into alternative engergy has resulted in a remarkable year over year return (up until lately)

      I'd like to see them make broader investments into efficient farming companies, water resource management (water will be the next gold), and conservation minded companies ie VTKT.ob

      They've really done a good job up until this point, but there is always room for improvement. It would be nice to see them bring on some younger minds into fold, as youth often has a different feel for where the future is headed.

      I hope this helps

    • Altough I am not a proficient investor and many others know more than me. I operate a business aligned with this space and after doing some research on these types of funds chose to move some of my portfolio into this fund.

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