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  • hockeyplyr22 hockeyplyr22 Mar 20, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    Gotham City

    Danny Boy is so smart and knows so much about accounting (said no one). But, but, but his report had so much detail!

    This guy would receive an F in accounting. He is not very good at it.

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    • No, he cashed out, by now, if he has any brains...and that's an A in the short game he's obviously playing..
      Ragging on his memory and person is closing the barn door after the livestock wandered off.
      He has given us a nifty opportunity to get in even deeper at old time prices.
      His successful short attack is only a problem if you sold.

    • Does Danny Boy do any original work? No? Shocking. He piggy-backed on GMCR (Einhorn), ISRG (Citron), EDU (Muddy Waters) and a slew of others written up by Alfred Little, Bronte Capital, Citron, Kerrisdale, Muddy Waters, Prescience Point, SIRF, Street Sweeper and others. His first real foray into his own published research produced two reports (46 pgs and 19 pgs) of which not a single page was even remotely correct! Error after error, innuendo after innuendo, fail after fail. Wow.

      He thinks JCP will be a $20 bagger. It will actually go bankrupt as will others like SHLD, BBY, etc. But good luck with that. He doesn't have the courage to short CRM or AMZN, but he wants to. I dare him too. I am guessing he got smoked on NFLX.

      This guy is comical. He quotes HIMSELF on Twitter. A strange thing that only an extreme narcissist would find acceptable. And he gets awful preachy on there like he is educating unwitting pupils. This guy is truly unbelievable. He will end up broke, with a record and an addiction to show for it all.

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    • Has Danny Boy taken Robin up on his offer to open the books of his charity for inspection? No? Then he is a fraud.

      Will Danny Boy publicly admit that he got basically everything wrong in his report, including the intercompany loan issue, the long-lived assets issue, the PlanetSoft financing issue, the list goes on? No? Then he is dishonest and has no character. The very things he accuses Robin and EBIX of.

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    • Danny Boy is a special type of fail that happens when an unemployed twitter trader tries to make-believe play as an accountant or analyst.

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      • Y'all are living in make-believe land. Danny Y. is hugely successful and the longs look like a bunch of special needs children on a little school bus headed to $12 a share. (Myself included) He operates on pure dishonesty, but don't pretend he's incompetent. Somehow he knows that the SEC, Ebix, the FBI, and whoever else you can think of will allow him to do what he's been doing. His accounting skills are PERFECT for what he uses them for.

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