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  • alexanderoremen alexanderoremen Mar 21, 2013 8:06 AM Flag

    EBIX Downgraded by The Street - really? It must be a conspiracy!!!!

    I find a downgrade to be absoutely insane! There must be a consipracy! EBIX garners ABSOUTELY NO RESPECT! Continuallyl beats earnings, low debt, revenue increase yoy, market niche, growth stock with a PE under 9?!!?!, dividend etc.. THE STREET: (the stock's sharp decline last year is a positive for future investors, making it cheaper (in proportion to its earnings over the past year) than most other stocks in its industry). Isn't this a BUY signal? THE STREET: (But due to other concerns, we feel the stock is still not a good buy right now. ) What other concerns - none given? Simply due to the stop being hammered/manipulated by shorts it is not a good buy? What about buy low sell high? Intelligent investors purchase equities when they are trading BELOW their intrinsic value which EBIX currently is! Go ahead THE STREET - continue to recommend stocks with sky high PEs/PSRs that are trading well above their intrinsic value ex: LULU: PE 39.4/PS 7.33, SBUX: PE 30.9/PS 3.15, WFM: PE 37.6/PS1 1.31 - I simiply do not understand the disdane and hate for this equity?!!?! I can only assume with this downgrade that THE STREET is short EBIX as well! I am ABSOUTELY FLABERGHASTED by this downgrade! I am going to purchase more at the open today because I am of the opinion that EBIX is a SCREAMING BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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