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  • indianabraden indianabraden Jun 28, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    If this were the WILD WEST, nearly every single member in town is dead


    Except for a few ringers who have come in mid-gunfight.
    RR has sold everyone out. Retailers have been ripped in half +.
    The CEO, the long institutions, the short sellers, the MMs, and GS are the ones in on this game. IT IS A GAME. It is a game of collection of shares through the absolute ABANDONMENT of a true market. It is abandonment through a lack of transparency regarding many many things going on, and all of them have the same mission. Delay information while shares are being collected hand over fist to the point where everyone in the fictional WILD WEST TOWN is dead. There are no sellers left. Even with no sellers left, the MM and the shorts are DESTROYING THE PPS on no volume. There is no protection of the pps. The press release thanking GS for their interest isn't enough. Announcing a share buyback over 12-24 months isn't enough. This story is one of a pending re-negotiation for the buyout and the taking of the company private, but the CEO and all involved want as many shares as possible, so the retailers have been left to die in the desert. UNREAL. Complete and utter collusion.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You sure are verbose.
      Any short with brains has already cashed in.
      RR, with his massive interest was damaged along with the rest of us.
      Untill the assorted investigations are resolved we are unlikely to see any dramatic rise.
      On the buy while there is blood in the streets is the time!
      I bought some, don't know if i have the hair to buy more just yet.
      Still, Goldman did their DD...hmmmm.

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