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  • tvhomer88 tvhomer88 Jul 31, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    pre earning pop

    what's going on why is there even not a pre earning. Someone does not want the stock going up

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    • A lot of "someones" do not want ebix to increase in share price. A suspicious lot want ebix depressed. Who knows who these "someones" are? Robin and the "someones" know. We just guess. The SEC probably knows but, they do not care about manipulation unless it is banks.

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      • Yes, the SEC doesn't give a frick about investors. I'm about ready to give up on individual stocks altogether because of it. I started thinking about it 2 years ago when Intel was hit by nearly 10% in one day due to a hit article by a supposed tech guru. It told me that even large caps aren't safe from shorts. The author wrote that Apple would no longer use Intel chips within 2 years. Right!! His "opinion" was sure valid since it was an impossibility that Apple would turn its back on their legacy products. It would have been financial suicide for them. I hope that the author was well paid for his effort since that "opinion" made someone very big bucks in one day. The SEC probably didn't even give that incident a moments glance.

      • I suspect that Goldman Sachs has it's hand in this game. They might have quit merger and shorted heck out of this stock. They could have made a killing. It's so sad that shareholder are blind-foldered and don't know anything behind the scene.

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