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  • zerang_us zerang_us Sep 22, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    New, Should I take a position? just want openion- not from basher or pumpers

    Scanning the field and Td Ameritrade tells me it's P/E Ratio is one of the cheapest 5.73, has beat the street 12 out of 14 Quarters. have cash to go through the hard time they are on now.
    They have one of the largest short position,But they don't have no kind of communication with out side world. if "god forbids" the situation get any better with the law suit how much is gonna worth? I be holding it for at least 3 Qtr.
    Thank you for you insight and time

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    • If you have to ask the peanut gallery, no, no you should not. This stock is very stable. It has a governor to keep it's rpm from slinging money all over the place. This company has two board of directors, a Swiss one that is just for show, and, the real one loaded with grandfathery figures that keep us safe from ourselves. They are constantly adjusting the stock price down if need be, or, they can let go and "let it run", then, yank back all all the way. Most of the time they just hold it like it was the pin on a hand grenade. They pull out the pin from time to time to frighten us but there are meaner people in the room, so, they just put the pin back in. These meaner people scare the beegeezes out of them, but, they keep it fed. Keep it "fed",,,uh,,,get it? Ever see someone sick a mean dog on something but in it's violent frenzy, it bites every thing close, even the sickers?

      Hearing Chatter DOJ May Serve Arrest Warrants on Ebix

    • There are only a handful of people who really know the extent of the compliance problems and they aren't sharing their views. No one and I mean none of those who opine on EBIX are providing dispassionate opinions. Buy shares if you like but recognize that it is going to be extremely volatile with an outside chance that you lose everything.

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      • propitiousaugury Sep 23, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

        Who, exactly, are those "handful of people" who really know? Are those the same that, according to Bloomberg, have "direct knowledge of the matter" And which are the "compliance problems" you speak of?

        I do agree that being dispassionate, objective and levelheaded is each person's own prerogative given the fact that it's easiest to fool oneself.

        Regarding volatility: Well, one ought to know what he's buying BEFORE he buys. Disappointment only arises when one's ignorant of the consequences of one's actions. Me? I view volatility as my friend because it allows me to buy companies at absurdly cheap prices.

        Bottom line is that if one's sure of value, one ought to brace one's self for a wild roller coaster ride just as a part of life.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • not sure I agree - about "everything" - this co has been in business a long time - have had different auitors - so not just "one look" - there are tansactions where an expense is not counted twice - JMP was going to buy - until "investigtion" - basher is from Scottsdale - same that bashed QCOR a few months ago - management can buy back at lower price if lets stock price go down and not defend - and looks like low volumn to me - not a rush to the exits

    • I think the buy out study would have uncovered major accounting flaws, so I believe the current fundamentals hold. I personally have been selling naked puts since the major drop and the profits would now cover half of a long stock purchase. All the fear on the ticker has made premiums rich, so there is great opportunity until the issue is resolved. you can still sell the Oct 9 put for .50, so getting in at 8.50 is not a bad thing, but I think you will keep your money and if so you will make 750% annualized on your margin requirement. Got any more opportunities like this? If so let me know!

    • Well what you mention is exactly why i backed the truck up friday. They have a free cash flow of 20%. I've held a smaller position, until this week. They have been having basher attacks from what i would consider a non credible resource call gothom city, The author writing these articles does not disclose his name when writing them, Gothom city, has a address of a UPS Store in Scottsdale AZ, and a website that markets itself as a research company, That website looking it up on whois just got created in feb of this year and the only articles are bashing the EBIX, on a wordpress blog. So all this tells me the writer of this article is not credible.

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