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  • robhchndro robhchndro Sep 25, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Let's stick to true facts not invented ones

    During the past two weeks or so, there have been many plainly ridiculous issues raised on this board. To begin with, short of a statement from the company, there is no way to know how many shares, if any, have been bought back. Secondly, if there were legal action against the perpetrators of this presumed unwarranted attack on EBIX, it would be perfectly reasonable to assume that the characters behind it could be subpoenaed to testify.

    Thirdly, EBIX management has done an absolutely dismal job of protecting shareholder interests. The one statement they issued was at best pathetic and at worst an insult to the shareholders. Fourth, EBIX has never issued a statement about why the dividend was suspended; indeed, it could be argued that the missed dividends have been used for legal expenses on an issue that would have benefited Robin Raina if resolved favorably. Fifth, there is no evidence that the company has asked the SEC to investigate the large short interest in the stock or the perpetrators of the allegedly false statements emanating from Gotham Research. Instead of penning off-the-wall comments with no proof, it would be more productive for posters to file complaints with the SEC, as I have, and to call the company to express dismay about their performance in dealing with these issues.

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    • Your "assumption", although technically correct, is largely meaningless. Subpoenaing someone to testify does not necessarily equate to getting any testimony. There is something called the United States Constitution and particularly the 5th Amendment which allows one to refuse to testify if it could incriminate them. I am very certain that if Yu were called to testify and invoked the 5th Amendment he could not be forced to say anything because based on what I KNOW he very well could be charged with a crime in relation thereto. For the 5th Amendment to apply you do not have to be charged with a crime and merely face a reasonable possibility of being charged. I am not "speculating" about this because I state this based on over 20 years as a practicing attorney and litigator. As to the rest of your post and particularly as it relates to how the company has responded to this short attack, I do largely agree with you, although I actually found the most recent press release in response to the latest hit piece not too bad of a response, although a bit late and untimely.

    • So, which long sh poster here, made up false facts? Speculation and frustration are facts, just not invented. I am truly frustrated, and will speculate all I want until I learn of "real facts". If I waited for "real" facts instead of "made up" facts, I would have NO facts at all. If your point is to shut up and wait, uh, no. Done that, now I am bored and prone to "speculate", but, am stubborn beyond belief. I am still going to "get" Billy if I ever get the chance, he told the teacher on me in the 5th grade and I got detention, about 50 something years ago.

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