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  • p2ialias p2ialias Oct 15, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    Mr Yu not tweeting again

    He only tweeted twice early yesterday morning. None has followed since. Does Seeking Alpha want changes to his submitted article and he's been working on it? I thought that he would have had something out by now in an attempt to save the October puts.

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    • The arrival of Skadden probably is a game changer to all parties involved. This would make Bloomberg, Yu and others rethink twice.

    • Not that I am in anyway saying that this is true or even likely, but when I read this I could not help but think that maybe Yu has stopped tweating about EBIX lately is that he is aware that the is being investigated for securities laws violations or other other illegalities associated with his comments and activities relating to EBIX or at least may be worried that he could be. Whether Yu is being investigated for wrongdoing or fears he may be, the result is largely the same in that it may chill him from making further attacks against EBIX. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part, but this is what came to my mind when I read this thread.

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      • Well yesterday I found these tweets in a Marc Cohode's tweet conversation. I have been trying to track down more information but I haven't been able to. Here's the short conversation:

        Marc Cohodes‏@AlderLaneeggs15 Oct
        Luck favors the well prepared.

        jeff kazee‏@jeffkazee16 Oct
        @AlderLaneeggs I love that quote!

        Marc Cohodes‏@AlderLaneeggs16 Oct
        @jeffkazee Max and I will be seeing you in a couple of weeks. JD summoned us.

        Now Jef Kazee is a musician/singer who lives in New York. Mr Cohodes knows him and has attended his performances at various sites. Max is Mr Cohode's 26 year old son who has been in a wheel chair with cerebral palsy; it appears that he has major physical issues. The JD summons, I assume, is a Justice Department summons and has nothing to do with his son. His son probably has limited knowledge of his father's activities. So the "JD summoned us" could mean others; maybe even Mr Yu. I don't know what is going on at this time.

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