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  • onecool_bean onecool_bean Nov 7, 2002 6:52 PM Flag

    Homeland insurance


    What do you think about our tax dollars going to pay insurance coverage for terrorist attacks?

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    • we have no double standard. we kill those who declare war on us and then try to kill us. Isn't not so dificult to understand. If you fight me, and stay oiut of uniform, and hide among civilians, am I supposed to be stupid and say I can't fight you except on gentlemen's rules, that my enemy ignores or uses to bash me. You would have us rely on that noble bastion of single standard the UN. Note that we got kicked off UN committees overseeing countries abusing human rights, by such quality countries who value human rights, like syria, iran, sudaN, AND SOME OTHER HI VALUE COUNTRIES. These enemies and they are our enemies make no mistake about that use our good intentions and good ideals as weapons against us to ensnare us. We allow ourselves like Gulliver to be tied down and wrapped up, by Lillipuchians (sic) while asleep. Oh yes I enjoy pissing the French off. Who are those ww2 cowards to cmplain about our conduct. when we spent men and gold to free them. They sent they own to the concentration camps and only a few ( mostly socialists and communists ) were in the underground. They coperated with the germans. At least the British fought. No I do not need the French and the Iranians and the syrians to tell me "I piss the off". Hopefully I am and will continue. UN is a nice place to take tea and discuss in polite tones what the big boys first decide and then rubber stamp. Don't mistake the UN in serious matters as other than a figleaf for the big powers to conduct biz. To truly follow their public announcements and be guided in our foreign policy by them is idiotic. Those who bitch about us the most don't follow UN unless compelled to and if it is in their self interest. Self interest among nations is not a bad thing...even for us.

    • Not to mention being turned upside down!

    • Some people are just born pissed off! In fact, most people, come to think about it. Come out of a nice warm, secure environment into bright lights and somebody slaps you on the ass, wouldn't you be pissed off?

    • Ialready know. They are enraged that I am not their human slave.

    • the Koran.....

    • Ever consider why they became your enemies in the first place?

    • their pissed off already...

    • Frankly I don't give a sh-t about pissing my enemys off, especially when they are out to murder me.

    • Absolutley not.

      What I'm suggesting is that we uniformly apply UN resolutions to ALL COUNTRIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

      That way, we don't look like idiots trying to enforce a DOUBLE STANDARD WHICH PISSES ALOT OF PEOPLE OFF.

    • I think it is one of the roadblocks to growing the economy. Many corporations who want to proceed with fresh capital investment have their hands tied by the threat of possible law suits comming from terrorist attacks. I think the nation as a whole is going to have to take on the responsibility of defending against terrorist attacks and dealing with the outfall if the attacks are committed. The idea that some corporation should cover for foreign attacks against the USA is stupid IMHO.

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