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  • MCROC43 MCROC43 May 6, 2008 3:26 PM Flag

    Track Record

    Who on this Board has the best track record on forcasting PRFT results? Come on, Don't be shy.

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    • I posted this earlier but I will basically repeat myself. I did some quick calculations on how much topline revenue it has taken to drive a penny of what PRFT management calls cash EPS. Those costs have been rising the past 3 quarters and additionally this quarter the company will have to recognize the full costs associated with the ePairs acquisition. Last quarter it was one month of revenue and one month of costs.

      Since they did not revise guidance, it seems likely they are coming in between $54.8MM and $58.9MM. You can see the amount of revenue that is required to drive a penny of cash eps.

      Q4 07 $62.4MM Revenue
      .22 cash EPS
      $2.84MM needed per penny

      Q3 07 $53.1 Revenue
      .21 cash EPS
      $2.52MM per penny

      Q2 07 $52.6 Revenue
      .19 cash EPS
      $2.42MM per penny

      So with those facts you can make your choice on where cash EPS will likely land.

      So to go on record, my guess is $59MM in revenue and they are able to cut costs enough to get to .21 of cash eps. I think the most interesting aspect of tomorrow will be Q2 guidance.

    • i have no clue on what they will report on their earnings. they've done so many acquisitions it has been fairly tough to track what are their real earnings and revenue. in acquisitions, there are many ways to manipulate things for a period of time. it will be interesting to see how they report since the acquisitions seem to have slowed. i certainly have seen a softness in services in the ibm partner community. it is hard to imagine they aren't seeing the same thing. I don't think anything disasterous but i would think their business is at best flat and more likely down some.

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