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  • sfasmciw sfasmciw Sep 9, 2008 3:13 PM Flag

    Happy Now?

    I hope all you baldknobbers and graverobbers are happy now!! All your jokes about Viagra and Niagra are killing this stock today. WAY TO GO! Why do you make fun of jack and jeff who are working hard to get iPath working again?

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    • you are right on the mark.

    • tee hee.
      Hmmmm...let's evaluate "loser".
      I haven't taken a position. I have lost nothing.
      You have taken a position and are down (at least on paper).

      Who is the loser? YOu were such an angry SOB when i posted my analysis that I'm glad that you, my friend, are the loser.

      I'll be taking my position when it gets to the low, which i said would happen most likely after q3, when everyone despairs, when the full effect of scaled back IT spending hits them, and the market reactly too harshly. See you in the 5s.

    • No, YOU are the big loser. You failed to take a position in the stock because it failed to reach the point of $5.00, which was the point you pretended you would be interested in buying it.

      You pretended to have an interest in purchasing the stock, when in fact you never have and never will.

      You wasted your life on this board posting fantastic theories that have not been borne out by reality.

      You were a loser yesterday, today, and for all time. Now commit hairy kairy and get over it.

    • my man, if i had to go back and re-post all your absurd claims the other way...
      ...look at where the stock is. you are a big loser on this. enough said.

    • Look at the insider sales. what do you mean "proven"? moron.

    • You tell 'em Bucky!!!! I am sick of the miscalculations on this board.

    • What in hell are YOU cackling about? You told us back in March that you would not buy PRFT "until it goes below $5.00." It has never been anywhere near that price. Then you told us it would take "18 months to two years to make a move up." Two weeks after you postulated this ridulous theory PRFT was trading back in the 10s.

      You should have committed hairy kairy after you made your first mistake. At least that would have kept you from making a spectacle of yourself repeatedly.

    • Nobody has proven that they are making millions of dollars. If I had to guess they would not pay themselves more than $200,000 a year. You forget this is still a relatively small company and they would not raid the cash for themselves. I doubt they took very big bonuses maybe $15,000 to $20,000 dollars a piece.

      And if the other leaders who sold their companies are upset they should not have sold. But they are lucky to be part of PRFT in my HONEST opinion.

    • It is true. It really is too bad. Here you have a case where a company has used its inflated stock to buy a bunch of other companies. In the meantime, jeff/jack have been able to sell. meanwhile, the shareholders of the acquired companies are generally locked up for 3 years and, in the meantime, have seen their effective purchase price plummet. These are the guys that built their businesses from the ground up. But why worry about them? This is about jack and jeff, right? and nothing would be better than them making more money, right?

      Some strange people on this board....

      anyway, the company is gettin close to what i predicted awhile ago, following the track I said. That is, the economy will drop, these guys will drop with it, they'll get excessively punished at some point, then it will be time to enter as downside risk is minimized, blah blah blah. I still think sub-$6 is the correct entry. i believe slightly less than 1x revs is a good price, but since their revenue will continue to contract, that is why it is 6ish and not 7ish.
      As i've said before, short-term the market is a popularity contest, long term it is a weighing machine. has to get back to fundamentals. they need to integrate, streamline, incentivize acquired company management teams, pay less at the top, build a real company instead of pool P&Ls.
      #1 should be moving Jeff to CEO. Don't even know him but Jack seems more the celebrity type, and for this stage the company needs a nuts and bolts leader who is in for the long haul to build a real company.
      sorry for the drop, except for Bucky, who has been such a nutty and annoying pain who never had any facts. so here you are, smart guy, sitting at 6.5.

    • In my humble opinion, with the amount of blood, sweat, and tears these guys have put into this company it is like they have paid $24.50 for every share they have in their possession.

      And now they must watch helplessly as greedy shareholders sell and they cannot. I hope everybody is happy with what they have done to Jeffrey and John.

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